What is GDPR Compliance?

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Reid Houser, Head of Global Compliance & Privacy Officer at Sitel Group, explains what compliance is in terms of the General Data Protection Regulation.


Compliance is making sure that we have taken a set of rules, the GDPR in this case, identified all the applicable pieces of these rules that apply to our business, and then implementing policies, procedures, and review of our systems, vendors, and other processes that are in place in processing personal information based in the EU. So, compliance is making sure you are following a certain set of regulation or rules. When talking about GDPR, it’s making sure that the parts of the rule that apply to your business are complied with. For us, that would be taking a look at the systems that are used to process, any vendors that we might use to process EU-based PII, or any other processes that are in place when transferring, storing or accessing that information.