Does Customer Effort Replace NPS? – CX Minute Episode 5

Kathleen Banashak, Global Client Services at Sitel Group, talks about the difference between Customer Effort and NPS and how each can affect the customer experience.



In our experience, we have found that the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the Customer Effort Score (CES) as metrics are both effective elements of any customer experience system. Having said that, the NPS and CES are both a metric and a discipline. However, those are two important distinctions. The Net Promoter Score as a discipline is completely different. It’s having an understanding of what it is that creates promoters, what it is that detracts from your company, your business, or your operations. You need to understand those things in order to do something about them. You go back to the customers, you follow up, and you collect the insight. It’s a closed loop – it’s analysis and insights for Business Improvement. Your Voice of the Customer is the most important piece of data in your business. It’s more important than any of the performance metrics or any of those numeric metrics that you can get. Listening to what they’re saying, and how they’re saying it – the insights you can get!