Avast: Continuous Improvement for Better Customer Experience

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Continuous improvement is essential for Avast, a global leader in digital security and privacy products. The Sitel Group® team in Chennai, India, focuses on customer experience (CX) delivery, with increased efficiency and decreased cost.


Hi, my name is Martin Pitor. I am the care network manager for Avast, which is part of the Customer Care organization, and I’ve been with the company for about two years now.

What Is it Like Working with Sitel Group®?

Our cooperation with Sitel Group is quite broad at the moment. [They are our] main partner that we have in customer care, and globally, the Sitel Group team covers more than 80% of our customer service for us. We’ve been enjoying pretty solid results from the Chennai team already, even prior to the pandemic. We’ve pretty much had a green scorecard with all the KPIs were fulfilled most of the time. What is really remarkable for me is that we’ve even implemented some changes post the lockdown. So once we had our people working from home, we worked with the Chennai team to implement a new line of business. They started helping us support customers via chat to troubleshoot the problems they could have when installing our systems and so on.

How Is the New Line of Business Performing?

The team has started, and at the very beginning, they provided the service with a Net Promotor Score (NPS) exceeding 50, while our company average for English-speaking customers is somewhere between low 30s or upper 20s. So, they’re already exceeding the company average by 20 points since the first day they started providing the service.

Has Avast Ever Done a Pilot Program with Sitel Group?

I have one great example that we worked on, I would say mid last year, when we asked the Chennai team to build a pilot for us where they started contributing to sales support as well, next to their expertise in tech, which we’ve been enjoying for quite some time. The pilot has been [overall] successful. After three months, we decided to keep the team in our network as a business as usual. And also, this team has exceeded all the KPIs from the very beginning. After the first three months, they’ve already been on a 5% higher conversion rate than the average of our network.

How Has This Partnership Helped Avast?

There are a bunch of reasons why we think the partnership is important. I would start with just the sole fact that Sitel Group, for us, is a company of contact center professionals, which we are not. We are a tech company. We are focusing on the product itself and it would be really challenging for us to build, maintain and develop the network of contact centers in such a professional manner that Sitel Group is able to do.

An important aspect is also the ability to upscale. If we need to start a service quickly, we want to have the right support. We can rely on Sitel Group to have the people with the right skills in place, on time. We understand that Sitel Group has the capabilities to work on making the processes lean. And we see that the team has taken care of that in terms of everything that’s related to customer service. But sometimes, this results in some feedback that we can take and utilize in our side of the process. So throughout this time, we’ve been collecting quite interesting and helpful points that we were able to incorporate in our own way on how we manage, for example, our CRM system, or how we manage the knowledge base when we are making sure that the customers are informed properly on our websites and so on.

And I would like to highlight one process, which is the voice of the employee. This for us, from our perspective, from our point of view, works really well because it’s basically like a steady funnel of feedback that we can utilize for our developers. We [know] that the agents in Chennai have the possibility, when they hear an issue that our customer is facing, that they have an easy way to share that with us. It’s something that gives us really valuable information that we can incorporate and make our products better.