While managing customer experiences and creating positive interactions between brands and their customers is important throughout the year, it’s especially critical during the holiday season. Retailers must handle shopping influxes while delivering seamless experiences for their customers. Whether they’re connecting in the store or with contact center agents over the phone, each consumer touchpoint is fundamental in creating long lasting brand loyalists. This is why we partnered with Fonolo, the leader in cloud-based call-back solutions for contact centers.  Fonolo’s “In-Call Rescue” solution helps our customers to improve the overall experience for callers.

In-Call Rescue is an enormous time saver for customers who don’t want to “lose their spot” in the call queue, but who also need to handle life’s other demands in the interim.

How it works

After a designated amount of time, the In-Call Rescue solution gives consumers the option to schedule a callback or stay on the line. Customers who select a callback simply hang up the phone. Fonolo then waits in the queue for them, as if they remained on the line. Additionally, customers can schedule a time to receive the call-back, ensuring they are ready when the agent calls. This flexibility allows contact center agents to handle call activity in a more manageable manner and gives customers the freedom and flexibility to connect with agents when they want.

“On a customer level, we all know the frustrations of waiting on the phone for a service representative to help us solve an issue, and oftentimes we’re on hold for an extended period of time,” said Chip Heineman, VP, Global IT Solution, Sitel. “Our partnership with Fonolo enables us to provide our clients around the world with the sought after service of In-Call Rescue, which supports putting the customer’s needs, convenience and efficiency first. Additionally, Fonolo’s Web Rescue and Mobile Rescue functionality, which allows a customer to request a call-back from a non-voice channel, adds value to our digital clients. Not only is Fonolo’s technology a great asset to improve call center efficiency, this technology adds tremendous value to every brand’s customer engagement and support journey.”

Launched in March 2017, the partnership has added service value to Sitel Group’s retail clients. One particular client (a large online and on-premise toy retailer) who began using In-Call Rescue as a way to prepare for the holiday shopping influx saw abandonment rates drop more than 35 percent and service levels improve more than 20 percent.

“To see such significant success from this partnership is extremely rewarding,” said Shai Berger, CEO, Fonolo. “It’s always positive to hear that our solutions are making customers happy, but the true value of the product is in its ability to deliver quantitative ROI for organizations, and we hope to continue these achievements in our future projects together.”

Not only has Sitel Group leveraged Fonolo for their retail clients, but the tool has also proven to be a vital customer experience component for companies across every industry and vertical. The Group expanded their partnership with Fonolo to support a large credit reporting company who experienced a significant influx of call activity. During this spike in call volume, the partnership helped to manage more than 12 thousand call-backs.

To learn more about our partnership with Fonolo, read the press release here.