Dan Gizzi, Vice President of Business Development at Learning Tribes (a Sitel Group subsidiary), discusses the importance of skilling up employees to work alongside tech, not only to help them maintain professional relevance but also as a means to accelerate a brand’s digital transformation.

New research by Bain & Company indicates that by the end of the 2020s, automation may eliminate 20 to 25% of current jobs. The thought of a revamped and digitized workforce seems promising for future generations, whose workplaces could be teeming with AI-enabled devices and services – and tech we haven’t even discovered yet. However, Accenture reports that while 74 percent of CEOs expect to automate workplace tasks with AI within the next three years, only 3% plan to “significantly increase” spending on training to help skill-up employees to work alongside AI-powered tech.

This is bad news for workers, but it’s not great for companies either. The fact is, brands who hope to benefit from our current wave of global economic growth, improve their customer experiences and maintain relevance in our increasingly automated world are those that invest in their employees’ digital skill set and future growth.

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