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Understanding and Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Understanding and Measuring Customer Satisfaction
No matter how innovative or forward-thinking an organization’s approach to product or service development, customer centricity is key to success.
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Understanding and Measuring Customer Satisfaction

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Learn more about:

  • How to know who your customers are
  • If you’re giving your customers what they want
  • How to listen to (and take action on) what your customers are saying
  • How to monitor metrics and never stop listening to your customers
  • The dangers of data silos

Read the Best Practice Guide to Uncover How:

To Analyze Your Customers to Understand Their Needs
Conducting a customer needs analysis is a standard operating procedure for any organization with an established market share.
You Can Solve the Customer Satisfaction Equation
CX is cumulative. It builds up over time, based on every touchpoint and interaction a customer may have with a business.
To Unlock the Value of Unstructured Data
Beyond basic insights, your unstructured data can uncover common contact drivers or potential friction touchpoints, customer sentiment, emotion and future intent.
Voice of the Customer (VOC) Programs Have Moved Toward Data Mining and Analytics
A truly effective program is grounded in a holistic approach where both qualitative and quantitative data and solicited and unsolicited feedback are collected from across the customer journey.
Understanding and Measuring Customer Satisfaction