Ticketing system


A ticketing system is the most effective means of tracking a customer’s issue and ensuring it is properly resolved. When a customer calls a contact center with a problem, the agent he or she speaks to creates a digital ticket recording the problem and any related information.

When a customer reaches out via a web form or email, the ticket is generated automatically and logged in the system for resolution. A response is automatically relayed saying the issue has been logged, providing a reference number and next steps. Once created, these automated tickets are routed to the agents with the capacity and or expertise to resolve the issue.

If the customer’s issue cannot be resolved within the contact center by the initial agent, the ticket automates the escalation process, transferring all the relevant information to the right department or person to solve the problem. It also continues to provide updates into the contact center and to the customer in question’s file so that at any moment the status of the issue is absolutely clear.

As well as automating and streamlining workflows, because ticketing systems log every issue and the steps that were necessary for resolution, they are also an excellent CX improvement tool. If a type of incident is frequent the steps to resolution can be standardized and integrated into agent training. Or if a product or service defect is driving customer contact, the ticketing system will highlight this trend enabling product teams to take responsibility for creating the necessary fix.