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Powered by the Human Touch

Experience More with EXP+ from Sitel Group®

Simplify the delivery of end-to-end customer experience (CX) services, while boosting efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction with EXP+, the Enterprise Experience Platform from Sitel Group®.

Empower associates to engage in meaningful conversations with customers, resolve inquiries and boost sales.

Improve quality and performance through the ability to collect, connect and activate data and insights, many in real-time.

Enable customer experience and employee experience with our digital solutions and technology ecosystem.

Optimize operational costs through elimination and automation of lower-value and lower-complexity repeatable tasks.

CX Learning

Employees Are Your Greatest Asset

Investing in your people is key to having a more engaged workforce that delivers higher levels of customer experience.

EXP+ empowers your team to succeed with the skills to make your brand shine through award-winning CX learning services, content and technologies.

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CX Technology

Technology Built Around the Needs of Operations

Delight your customers with seamless customer experience and empower your associates with the best-in-class contact center technology and software.

EXP+ Enable elevates the customer and associate experience through connective technologies designed and implemented for you.

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CX Operations

The Power of Human Connection

Whether online or traditional voice-based conversations, the human connection remains a crucial element of customer experience delivery.

EXP+ Engage elevates the power of human connection to engage with your customers and enhance brand loyalty through valued conversations built upon a foundation of data-driven customer understanding.

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CX Analytics

Transform Your Data Into a Powerful Tool

Drive innovation and change by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to extract value from your data.

EXP+ Explore uncovers insights from across data sources to drive enterprise-wide decision making, discover business efficiencies and create stronger customer relationships.

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CX Digital

Prepare for a New Era of Digital Interactions

Forget multi-year plans for a digital transition. The time to act is now.

EXP+™ Evolve channels the latest technology to deliver leading-edge digital experiences – with data-driven and AI-enabled self-service and automation – to build remarkable and effective experiences and deliver a superior CX.

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What Makes EXP+™ Different?

Delivering Greater Value

Our depth of understanding and CX know-how comes from connecting customers with brands 8 million times every day. Our expertise is derived from these interactions and collated into proprietary playbooks, taking EXP+ to the next level

Deep Expertise

EXP+ is fueled by our 40 years of experience at the forefront of CX management and delivery. Passionate about building emotional connections for brands and their customers supported by our commitment to improving the associate experience, you can be sure EXP+ will remain at the forefront of CX innovation, strategy and agility as your customers and their needs evolve.

Designed to Scale

As your brand grows, so must your CX. Our solution is easily tailored to fit your needs today and robust enough to scale to meet your needs tomorrow. EXP+ supports the most diverse businesses from disruptive startups to Fortune 500 brands – and everything in between.

Flexible Connections

While each element of EXP+ delivers value as a standalone product, the exponential power of the platform is revealed when multiple elements work together in pursuit of your CX goals. EXP+ flexible solutions integrate seamlessly, eliminating data silos and creating momentum across your service delivery to propel your CX forward, generating maximum impact and minimal effort.

Tailored Solutions

Your customers are diverse, so your CX partner must be too. That’s why EXP+ offers a wide range of solutions, from tools designed and developed in-house to technologies from across our partner ecosystem and enriched through our expertise, because we know the best solution is the one created just for you.

A Delivery Team at Scale with a High Level of Expertise

Sitel Group products and services are powered by Centers of Excellence to collectively support the delivery of our CX business.


Learning Experts


Process/Continuous Improvement Experts


Data Experts


Digital Experts


Application/Technology Engineers

A Team of CX Experts

Our teams of experts on digital, technology, analytics and learning, are here to support you and ensure that your projects are compliant, delivered on time and with quality, and give you satisfaction. They are also here to support your innovation program with POCs and a test-and-learn approach.

Our Managed Services

All EXP+ products follow the same consistent delivery journey, from solution design, to implementation, go-live support, post-launch adjustments, continuous improvement and optimizations, with a systematic ROI assessment.

Your Success Is Our Success

Discover how you can leverage the Sitel Group Success Program for your current activities as well as more broadly for all your operations.

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