EXP+™ from Sitel Group is a flexible solution with complete cloud capability, designed to simplify the delivery of end-to-end customer experience (CX) services, while boosting efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.


EXP+™, Sitel Group’s Enterprise Experience Platform, is a flexible solution with complete cloud capability, designed to simplify the delivery of end-to-end customer experience (CX) services, while boosting efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

EXP+ offers integrated and vertical-specific solutions, tailored to your specific needs. From performance management to chat, email and voice-based contact center solutions to digital transformation, automation, data-driven insights and CX consulting, EXP+ delivers more.

Best-in-class CX is essential for best-loved brands across the globe. Consumers are actively looking for an outstanding, differentiated CX and reward businesses that deliver. While the definition of good CX is constantly changing, EXP+ delivers the flexible and forward-thinking solution you need to stay ahead of customer expectations.

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What makes EXP+™ different?

Delivering greater value

Our depth of understanding and CX know-how comes from connecting customers with brands 4.5 million times every day. Our expertise is derived from these interactions and collated into proprietary playbooks, taking EXP+ to the next level. By applying these learnings, we fine-tune the next implementation driving iterative improvements, resulting in faster ramp-up times and immediate value for your brand. EXP+ delivers a competitive advantage through our AI-enabled data and analytics solution, creating a solution that’s always a step ahead of the technology it is built upon.

Deep expertise

EXP+ is fueled by Sitel Group’s 35+ years of experience at the forefront of CX management and delivery. Passionate about building emotional connections for brands and their customers supported by our commitment to improving the associate experience, you can be sure EXP+ will remain at the forefront of CX innovation, strategy and agility as your customers and their needs evolve.

Designed to scale

As your brand grows, so must your CX. Our solution is easily tailored to fit your needs today and robust enough to scale to meet your needs tomorrow. EXP+ supports the most diverse businesses from disruptive startups to Fortune 500 brands – and everything in between.

Flexible connections

While each element of the EXP+ platform delivers value as a standalone product, the exponential power of the platform is revealed when multiple elements work together in pursuit of your CX goals. The EXP+ solutions integrate seamlessly, sharing information, eliminating data silos and creating momentum across your service delivery. This flexible integration propels your CX forward, generating maximum impact and minimal effort with every addition.

Tailored solutions

Your customers are diverse, so your CX partner must be too. That’s why EXP+ offers a wide range of solutions, from tools designed and developed in-house to technologies from across our partner ecosystem and enriched through our expertise, because we know the best solution is the one created just for you. We select the most appropriate foundational technology and build upon it, applying our expertise to meet your individual needs and resulting in a solution ideal for you today and ready for tomorrow.

Experience More With EXP+™

EXP+ creates a robust ecosystem around your individual business needs by harnessing the power of four connected product families. Within this ecosystem, elements work together seamlessly, creating more efficiency and greater business value while driving continuous improvement across your CX delivery.