Reimagine Your Customer Experience

Engagement is a direct outcome of the empathy created when teams — invested in the delivery of your brand promise — work with a deep understanding of your customers and their unique needs. By bringing people, data and technology together, we help you reimagine your customer experience, creating compelling experiences for your customers in the moments that matter most.

Your customer experience is delivered and shaped by your employees. Your employees also know more about your customers and understand their needs. Leverage Sitel® MAX (My Associate Experience) and its employee-centric culture and programs to empower your teams and gain knowledge from the field.

Embrace EXP+™, digitally enabling the human interaction to simplify the delivery of end-to-end customer experience (CX), while boosting efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Our People Make the Difference

At Sitel Group, we believe that the employee experience is the customer experience. That’s why we have built Sitel MAX, our people-centric and talent-driven program to transform the associate experience at Sitel Group.

With Sitel MAX, we drive continuous improvement and innovation of our customers’ solutions to shape the future Sitel Group associate experience and customer experience.

Employee-Centric Culture & Programs

Global Transformation

Community UX Design Framework

Our Solutions Support Your Global Transformation

World-class CX is essential for best-loved brands across the globe. Consumers are actively looking for a responsive, empathetic and personalised CX and reward businesses that deliver. While the definition of excellent is constantly changing and unique to your brand, EXP+ delivers the flexible and forward-thinking solutions you need to stay ahead of customer expectations.

EXP+™ and Work from Anywhere

Our EXP+ digital-first solutions are enhanced by a CX delivery model built for the future of work — Work from Anywhere.

Designed around a hybrid model that enables CX teams to work from home or from our global network of interaction venues, Work from Anywhere provides a flexible and resilient approach for your customer experience.

Centred on employee experience, it empowers excellent customer interactions that are secure and connected, while also giving you access to a global network of talent.

How We Help You in Your CX Transformation

On top of our employee-centric Sitel MAX Community and our enterprise experience platform EXP+, we have designed Sitel Success Program to provide data-driven insights that support you on your global CX transformation, helping to achieve your business and operational goals.

Serving the Success of Our Clients and Teams

The knowledge we have of our clients and their customers is an exceptional asset you can leverage to enable your CX efforts. Our Success Program has structured the collection and application of this knowledge on a global scale.

The result? CX solutions tailored to your specific business needs, allowing you to tap into the full potential of EXP+ to address the areas that matter most.


Determine your position via our industry benchmarks of operational KPIs and technologies.


Evaluate the efficiency of your systems and processes to develop prioritised recommendations for improvement.

Updates on new market trends and sharing of our latest industry innovations and best practices. 


Leverage our insights to put the right mix of technology, analytics, digital and learning at the service of your teams, to deliver value for your customers and your business.

The Right Partner to Help You Realise the Promise of CX Transformation

A CX transformation is a complex challenge that can deliver tremendous value, but it’s not without risk. Sitel CX Consulting brings the skills and experience to partner with you to deliver the outcomes that will thrill your customers and bring value to your business. We can help assess your situation, rethink your customer journey and develop solutions that adapt to changing circumstances and risks while remaining focused on delivering the desired outcomes and value.

Discovery workshops led by our CX Consulting teams help you establish a vision and understanding of the opportunities, options, risk and value that can be realised.

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