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By Sitel Group, December 13, 2018 44

Should your brand support an online community? While the benefits of online communities have been evident for years, many brands are still not sure the return is worth the investment.

By Sitel Group, December 6, 2018 176

Thanks to travel and tourism companies embracing the festive spirit and offering their own Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday deals, many consumers are already thinking ahead to the summer and their 2019 family vacation.

By Sitel Group, December 5, 2018 314

Customer experience management leader revives financial stability with an improved Global S&P rating after 10-year financial variability, accelerating investments in innovation and expansion to new markets.

By Sitel Group, December 3, 2018 267

The average American adult now has 6.6 social media accounts, meaning that multi-networking is now the norm. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are now so established in people’s lives they’re much more than platforms for connecting friends and family or for providing viral entertainment.

By Sitel Group, November 29, 2018 299

Thanks to the Amazon effect, consumers now expect a seamless end-to-end experience when choosing, buying and owning a car; so how can automotive brands transform their businesses to ensure they deliver the right customer experience (CX)?

By Sitel Group, November 26, 2018 334

Consumers are growing increasingly disappointed with the post-purchase customer service they receive from online retailers during the holiday season. So how are you ensuring this year’s Cyber Monday is a day your customers remember for the right reasons?

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