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By Sitel Group, April 25, 2018

With just one month until the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect, how far down the 6-step route to compliance has your company traveled?

By Sitel Group, April 25, 2018

Sitel Group takes another innovative step toward revolutionizing customer experience with advanced sentiment/acoustic, categorization, and performance analysis of interactions with customers.

By Sitel Group, April 23, 2018

If there are any business leaders still not convinced about the role data will play in the future success of their organization, the latest the expert-keynote packed Hub Institute Hubday should have erased any doubts. “When we talk about the future, the words on everyone’s lips are artificial intelligence,” said Frederic-Gerard Leveque, the Hub Institute’s head of training.

By Sitel Group, April 20, 2018

Natalia Cerezon Martin, Customer Service Manager, AXS Europe, discusses the brand’s partnership with Sitel Group and explains how AXS customer service teams have the skill and speed to deliver consistently in a context where every moment makes a difference to customers.

By Sitel Group, April 19, 2018

Dan Gizzi. Vice President of Business Development at Learning Tribes (a Sitel Group subsidiary) – discusses the importance of skilling up employees to work alongside tech, not only to help them maintain professional relevance but also as a means to accelerate a brand’s digital transformation.

By Sitel Group, April 17, 2018

In the latest installment of “Around the Clock,” Sitelmag continues its global voyage around the Sitel sites by visiting an Eldorado of outsourcing: Colombia. Boasting a landscape that stretches from mountains to rainforests and a population versed in more than 22 languages, we discover one of the most culturally and visually diverse countries on the planet.

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