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How to Flex Your Staffing Needs

How to Flex Your Staffing Needs

Each year, CX surveys reveal the same findings: when interacting with brands, consumers want first contact resolution and to speak with a representative who is both an expert and extremely understanding. But at the height of your peak season, how can you ensure you have enough agents with the right expertise to deliver on these expectations?

Flex Your Staffing Needs

Making sure your brand doesn’t blitz its customer experience, no matter how big the seasonal surge, is all about analyzing your customer care data.

Do the math

Before we examine the potential impact of upcoming marketing campaigns, assess your company’s growth predictions or research historical seasonal numbers, we focus on your existing setup and perform a CX audit via insight and CX analytics. Through text and speech analytics, we identify gaps in the existing customer journey, which are currently acting as contact drivers, and close them through self-care and automation.

Subtract the pain points

Enabled by our operational analysis and continuous improvement insights, we make recommendations to optimize operational performance to meet your volume demands and highlight where upstream and downstream process changes can be implemented (even outside of the contact center environment) to minimize volume spikes and enhance the customer experience. And to further increase the efficiency of your workforce, our learning analysis is conducted to highlight potential gaps in agent training (or even areas in the knowledge base needing to be improved) or where new content should be added.

Add the associates

We ensure we have the most qualified, empowered and experienced talent available – no matter where and when your brand needs to flex staffing needs, by working peak-to-peak. Our most senior omnichannel contact center associates are trained to serve two brands whose heaviest customer flows arrive at opposite times of the year. This means we always have the customer care capability to ramp up to your initial seasonal peak and meet that peak with the right people who thrive in this environment.

Multiply the effect

Providing further support, plus sunrise-to-sunset service when needed, is our thousands-strong network of work from home agents who are ready to come online at a moment’s notice to provide further capacity through Sitel at Home. With our year-round recruitment campaign, which is aligned with our 100% digital hiring, training and onboarding system, our at home agent solution attracts a virtually limitless pool of talent, ready and skilled to take their seats as your brand’s biggest advocates.

Divide the training

In addition to leveraging our associates, we also flex our considerable expertise in learning and training facilitation. By analyzing teaching needs and identifying the most effective forms of delivery, we shorten the learning curve and accelerate speed to competency – often while also reducing the total training duration for a lower total cost to serve.

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