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Explore Contact Centre Data & Leverage Insights

Explore Contact Centre Data & Leverage Insights

According to IBM, U.S. organisations are losing a combined $3.1 trillion a year because they’re unable to take advantage of the structured and unstructured data flowing through their businesses.

Help me explore my contact centre analytics solutions

There are many choices of tools and providers on the market for companies wanting to analyze their insight & CX analytics data under a microscope; but few can view all of that information from the customer’s perspective.

Use your contact centre data

To ensure your data is telling the full story about your organisation and its connection with its customers, we apply speech analytics and text analytics to your historical contact centre activity, including calls, email, live chat and agents’ notes. This is the most comprehensive way to build a big picture view of customer journeys and the touchpoints creating friction or gaps in service in the delivery of customer care and CX.

Blend with social media behavior

We then turn our tools towards unstructured data – social channels and what’s being said about your brand across the major social networks on your online communities. This is processed as customer sentiment and combined with further social media intelligence and sentiment analysis from contact centre data to reveal all the elements of your brand as well as its promise, products or services that delight and disappoint your customer base.

Create predictive analytics

These insights are integrated with your internal structured data sources to provide an end-to-end, real-time operational analysis and continuous improvement audit of customer behavior, trends and metrics in relation to the quality of the CX being delivered via your contact centre. We apply our operational know-how with our rigorous coaching program to turn insights into action. With this level of information on customer satisfaction and survey analytics, viewed from a CX perspective (not from a data analyst’s), your organisation can predict behavior such as growing loyalty or higher chances of churn. You can take proactive steps to encourage or discourage your customers to take the next step. But it’s not only about the data we find and the tools we use – it’s about how we apply it and ensure it’s helping your people deliver the best possible experiences.

Make a tangible difference

Combining the power of best-of-breed technologies with analytics expertise, our goal is to consistently deliver truly actionable insights to you – driving real improvements to operational performance and enabling CX enhancement across your enterprise. With our global network of CX analysts, we deliver continued performance growth with end-to-end, real-time operational analysis and continuous improvement audits of customer behavior, trends and metrics, benchmarking the quality of the experience delivered via your contact centre.

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