Technical Support

Technical Support

Sitel Technical Support is an end-to-end solution for both B2B and B2C channels, integrating marketing, sales, CRM, payment processing and technical resolution of out-of-scope or out-of-warranty issues. PTS is developed to enhance and differentiate a service or product by providing technical support features or profitably offer out-of-warranty services. Our offering can create an additional revenue stream, increase customer lifetime value and decrease your customers’ effort by solving complex technical issues.

Post-warranty service reinvented – technical support as a profit centre

If your customer’s product warranty has expired or you want to adequately support your customers, we have the solution, regardless of whether or not the problem is caused by your product or service. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and retailers have leveraged PTS  for our expertise to make their brand the go-to for single-stop consumer support.

We help identify your top call drivers and separate in-scope and in-warranty calls from out-of-scope or out-of-warranty calls. These calls, viewed as costs, are actually opportunities. We tailor a go-to-market approach for converting each call into a revenue stream, while satisfying your customers. Each month, we’ll share a portion of the revenues generated from your Premium Technical Support business, subsidising your core support costs while increasing customer satisfaction with your brand.

Sitel Premium Tech Support’s unique offering provides:

Better technology, better support
We leverage leading technology and a flexible platform to give your customers technical support access when and how they want it. With self-service to self-help to self-healing solutions, we provide proactive (before customers know they have a problem) and reactive (calls and chat) support.

Cost centres to profit centres
Our highly experienced team helps transform cost centres into revenue-generating centres. Our experts create efficiencies with your support structure, identify opportunities for monetising support calls and design tailored programs to your customer segments and brand promise.

Talent acquisition and development
Sourcing the right talent to help your customers navigate the complexity of today’s connected home can be challenging. With our global footprint and more than two decades of experience, we will work with you to foster outstanding customer experiences.

How we have leveraged Sitel Premium Tech Support to help shape our clients’ business

Toshiba, a global diversified electronics manufacturer, provides a wide range of products and services in digital, electronic devices, infrastructure systems and home appliances

  • Sitel Premium Tech Support (PTS) partnered with Toshiba to increase customer satisfaction, increase revenue and improve service proficiency
  • PTS covered out-of-scope services for Phase 1 and Phase 2 calls resulting in a 25 per cent conversion rate
  • In less than three months, PTS created a solid revenue stream by establishing a revenue share model
  • The partnership resulted in an increase in NPS from 72 to 82 per cent overall and 96 per cent for PTS customers
  • The PTS operating model helped Toshiba reduce their overall operating contact centre cost by 60 per cent over two years

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