Banking & Financial Services Customer Experience

Don’t bank on customer loyalty.

Banking and Financial Services are more familiar with evolutionary, rather than revolutionary change. But thanks to the recasting of customer expectations, shaped by experiences in industries such as retail and travel, the revolution has arrived.

Let technology transform your CX approach.

A CX gap has opened between the industry and consumers – banks and financial service providers have some of the highest customer churn rates of any industry – and it’s being plugged by FinTechs and disruptors in the industry who are leveraging technology to redefine the customer relationship. Don’t let this CX gap open up. By undergoing a digital business transformation and taking full advantage of the latest innovations in data analytics, artificial intelligence and automation, you will put the customer at the centre of your business. 

From developing chatbots and customized visual IVR solutions, to customer journey mapping, data analytics, back office automation, contact centre optimization and guiding brands through successful digital transformations, Sitel Group combines deep vertical expertise in this industry, along with digital know-how, to help the banking and financial services sector get closer to customers for over 30 years.

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