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Retail Customer Experience

The retail landscape is changing – fast. New business models, consumer expectations and technologies present retailers with new challenges - and new opportunities.

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Travel & Hospitality Customer Experience

As digital competition increases, travel and hospitality organisations must innovate to gain customer insights and create the experiences they want.

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Technology Customer Experience

Your approach to doing business may be disrupting the competition; but is this head start in the market about to become a handicap for your customers?

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Utilities Customer Experience

Regulatory requirements, infrastructure investment, resource management and customer expectations are all increasing at a time when electric and gas utilities need to reduce their operating costs.

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Manufacturing Customer Experience

The latest technology and data analytics are revolutionizing the production process - but how can you ensure you keep your customer service as innovative as your products?

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Healthcare Customer Experience

Across pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, distribution, provision and insurance, technology is having a profound impact on the healthcare industry as a whole.

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Insurance Customer Experience

Even with a lack of licensed agents, increased pressure to remain competitive on price and growing industry disruption thanks to InsurTechs, traditional insurers have a unique opportunity to thrive, not simply survive, if they can get closer to their customers.

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Banking & Financial Services Customer Experience

Banking and Financial Services are more familiar with evolutionary, rather than revolutionary change. But thanks to the recasting of customer expectations, shaped by experiences in industries such as retail and travel, the revolution has arrived.

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Communications, Media & Entertainment Customer Experience

Passive customer behavior is a thing of the past. It’s no longer possible simply to serve them with content or provide them with a service as your organisation sees fit.

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