Handling of chat channel contacts
Faster resolution compared to a live agent: 3 min vs. 9 min
CSAT rating and trending higher

Michelin is a leading multinational tire manufacturer.

Our client was looking for a partner to help them drive digital transformation across their CX organisation. As the single external service provider, Sitel was able to harness the collective genius of its consumer care agents and conversational design experts  to build a smart Digital Agent driven by advanced AI design capabilities. The solution contains more than half of the chat contacts on Michelinman.com, provides 3 times faster resolution when compared to a live agent, and delivers strong CSAT results.

Client Objectives

  • Increase the digital support channel mix by deploying a Digital Agent (cognitive chatbot)
  • Automate multi-round customer care conversations and promote sales
  • Engage customers on their channel of choice while providing immediate, consistent, 24/7 support
  • Deflect live chat volume to achieve cost savings
  • Deliver best-in-class CX by eliminating wait times and providing fast and accurate answers to common questions

Our Solution

  • Designed and implemented a friendly and knowledgeable AI-powered Digital Agent on Michelinman.com to assist customers with: pre-purchase tire fitment and selection, tire specifications, current promotions, and FAQ
  • Delivered continuous improvement by successfully handling more than 50% of the chat contact volume
  • Seamlessly escalate to live agents when needed or requested​
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