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The 460 outlet-strong French prêt-à-porter label wanted to leverage a chatbot to convert more millennials from online browsers to online shoppers

The Challenge

To attract younger customers to the brand and to remove friction from the customer journey around the discovery, consideration and purchase touchpoints. 

Our Solution

As part of a long-term project to smooth each aspect of the organisation’s existing customer journey and reposition GEMO as a brand for Generation Y without alienating its existing Generation X customer group, we developed and deployed a chatbot via Facebook Messenger. Presented as a personal virtual stylist, the chatbot asks users a series of questions about their fashion tastes and at the end of the interview, presents them with a list of potential purchases that reflect their style. 

Users can then click through to the website to make purchases if they wish but crucially, at any moment during an interaction, the chatbot can connect a potential or returning customer with a customer service agent who will already have all the relevant customer information at their disposal to answer a question or resolve an issue.

As well as driving more customers and prospects to GEMO’s online store, the chatbot also collects valuable data reflecting users’ tastes and preferences which in turn is used to improve the brand’s offerings and to continue training the chatbot.

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