Sitel at Home

A home for talent.

Our work at home solutions are for organizations wanting to tap into national and international talent pools to fill a local position. And with our Sitel at Home associates going above and beyond to meet your brand’s needs, it’s the answer to business continuity challenges.

A home-based network, ready for you.

When extreme weather puts a contact centre on lockdown or when other forms of instability strike, our virtual agents are ready and waiting at a moment’s notice. But our Sitel at Home associates are about much more than ensuring business as usual.

A new home for your CX strategy

Flexible resourcing equipped to succeed.

Our work at home talent’s depth of experience and levels of training mean they have the capabilities to hit the ground running as brand ambassadors, for those moments when you have to flex to keep up with customer demand. Additionally, they’re there whenever a seasonal ramp up is necessary.

Fully PCI compliant, omnichannel and backed by tried and tested technology, infrastructure and tools, our work at home network’s coverage means you can manage follow-the-sun time zone workflows, or simply operate with confidence knowing that as CX demands increase, so will your number of contact centre representatives.

A home for talent.
Access specialist skill-sets by moving beyond geographic limitations.

Equipped to succeed.
Proven infrastructure and digital tools to create connections across a virtual team.

Flexible Resourcing.
Available when needed to support peak volumes and seasonality.

Work at home solution benefits.

Our work at home solutions go beyond having remote agents.

Flex at Home

We can easily scale up or down to adapt to changing needs, seasonality and BCP agility to align agents quickly to call volumes with our full-time, part-time and flex models for omnichannel work at home services for voice, chat, social media and more.

Connect at Home

Our work at home solutions are stable and tested with the right technology and tools: fully PCI compliant, secure and dedicated, remote infrastructure, robust virtual coaching and real-time management for consistent, optimal operational performance.

Specialize at Home

We hire agents with unique skill sets to fit unique client needs (education level and vertical expertise). We find, train and retain top talent, reach across different geographical locations and align agent language with target markets with our work at home solutions.

Succeed at Home.

Sitel at Home creates engaged agents delivering the CX your customers expect and deserve. With work-life balance, our people work shifts that fit their lifestyle so they are fully attentive to delivering the best CX – happy agents mean happy customers.

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