Work at Home Solutions

Highly flexible CX support from engaged agents with unique skill sets.

A Home for Top Talent

Our work at home solutions are for organisations wanting to tap into national and international talent pools to fill local positions. Working from home, our associates go above and beyond to meet your brand and customer needs, helping to answer business continuity challenges.

We can easily scale up or down to adapt to changing needs or seasonal peaks and we offer crucial support for your business continuity plan (BCP) through the agility of at-home agents. Our work at home solution has the capacity to respond quickly to call volumes through our full-time, part-time and flex models that support omnichannel customer engagement including voice, chat, social media and more.

Sitel at HomeTM is tried and tested with the right technology and tools: fully PCI compliant, secure and dedicated, remote infrastructure, robust virtual coaching and real-time management for consistent, optimal operational performance.

We hire agents with unique skill sets to fit our clients’ unique needs (education level and vertical expertise). We identify, train and retain top talent, reaching across different geographical locations and aligning agent language with target markets with our work at home solutions.

Working from home creates engaged agents delivering the customer experience (CX) your customers expect and deserve. For their work-life balance, our people work shifts that fit their lifestyle so they are fully attentive to delivering the best CX on behalf of your brand.

Build brand loyalty through human connection.
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