Voice of the Customer

Understand your customer across all channels.

Create a More Valuable Experience, Regardless of Communication Channel

Without listening to your customers wherever they may be — regardless of the channel or channels they choose to communicate over — it’s impossible to know what they need, why they need it, and how to propel the loyalty, retention, and revenue that your brand requires.

Sitel® Voice of the Customer delivers a comprehensive understanding of the factors impacting and improving CX across all channels. Surveys, case notes, website comments, social media, speech and text analytics are mined to identify sentiment, truly understand the customer, and elevate your CX.

Uncover Insights to Deliver Truly Superior CX


Understand the customer on every platform used to interact with your brand.

Deep Understanding

Pinpoint what makes customers stay, and what drives desire for additional services.

Future State

Guide strategic planning to drive maximum customer lifetime value.

Drive Satisfaction Through Efficient, Data Driven CX

Sitel Voice of the Customer allows brands to understand the customer experience at every touchpoint, truly recognise what drives them and at which moments to leverage resources for the ultimate CX.

Tap into customer feedback intelligence with the support of our VOC expertise, know the key questions to ask to understand your customers’ behavioural patterns, and meet unmet needs.

Drive Customer Satisfaction

Reduce customer effort and drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improve CX Performance

Deliver maximum potential through new customer insights.

Maximise Lifetime Value

Retain high-value customers for the long term.

Leverage Competitive Insights

Support the delivery of new, more compelling offers.

Meaningful Feedback Drives Customer Centricity


Less Expensive vs. In-House VOC


Reduction in Customer Effort

Customer Insights That Cover All Your Interaction Channels

Sitel Voice of the Customer collects customer feedback across email, web, chat, voice and text-based touchpoints, taking your CX to the next level.

  • Post-Call
    Take advantage of recent customer interaction with immediate surveys.
  • Email/Web
    More detailed survey paths ideal for post-service experience, such as online purchases or post-product deliveries.
  • SMS
    Make it easy to connect with users on mobile devices. Ideal for short, concise surveys.
  • App
    Offer quick and easy access for customers. Ideal when customers have high app engagement with brand.

Make a Strategic Difference to the Customer Experience

Connecting to the voice of your customers means that you can deliver value where it matters. Knowing what your customers value most enables strategic, data-driven decisions that increase loyalty and maximise CX.

Marketing ROI

Craft tailored marketing programs to drive maximum customer value.

Cost Reduction

Create efficiencies by editing redundant product or service costs.

Product Development

Discover new services options or new product formats to increase revenue streams.

Geographic Targets

Launch strategic campaigns aimed at specific markets in unique physical locations.

VOC Surveys That Drive Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Lifetime Value

Our collaborative approach ensures that, together, we craft the ideal survey to make sure you know what your customers are thinking – and what they want next.

Understand Your Customer

Why do your customers need you, and what are their interests? Establish the offer that best helps your customers.

Survey Construction

Build surveys tailored to answer key questions and better understand your customers.

Technological Resources

Recommend the technologies that decrease customer effort and elevate survey completion rates.

Cost Consideration

Choose the ideal survey strategy, based on product size for optimised, cost effective results.

Expertise That Brings Customer Feedback to Life

Draw from our accumulated expertise in collecting, listening to, and responding to the Voice of the Customer to create an end-to-end strategy that delivers the superior CX you need in an age of rapidly changing needs and expectations.

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