Social Fraud Engineering

Delivering tools needed to mitigate risk.

Safeguard Your Customer and Your Reputation

An ever-changing business landscape, including fully remote and hybrid models of workforce management, has opened up new opportunities for creative exploits. Socially engineered attacks can spell disaster for the privacy of your customers’ data and, consequently, for your brand and operational reputation.

Partnering with a provider that can assess, monitor and mitigate risks is key to protecting your business operation and putting customers at ease.

With Sitel® Social Fraud Engineering, you can fortify and defend your business against these increasingly common, increasingly high-risk attacks.

  • Identify compromising scenarios before they happen
  • Alert customers of potential breaches to minimise effect
  • Deter fraud attempts, minimise attack surfaces, contain the impact of any social fraud attempt
  • Deliver added value for an improved CX

Protect and Improve the Customer Experience

Reduce Non-Compliance Risk

Avoid fines and protect your customer data and brand reputation by monitoring 100% of calls and flagging compliance risks in real time.

Decrease Fraud Risk

Use alerts to warn agents about high-risk scenarios in real time, guiding them away from fraud risks.

Enhance Product Development

Create new packages tailored to the needs of at-risk customers.

Be Proactive.
Prevent Fraudulent Breaches.
Protect Your Customers.


Decreased Authentication Errors


Increased Compliance


Faster Fraud Identification

Multi-level Fraud Protection

Sitel Social Fraud Engineering leverages interaction analytics to build an additional layer of protection against unwanted fraudulent scenarios. By analysing 100% of calls and leveraging speech analytics, compliance is improved and coaching is enhanced, turning your agents into an additional line of defence against suspicious activity.

Make it hard for attackers to evade detection and easy for operations to defeat fraud attempts.

Agent Alerts Support Fraud Detection

Real-time speech analytics assists agents in detecting potentially fraudulent contacts. By flagging potential high fraud risk scenarios to agents as they occur, speech analytics guides agents away from potential risks with next best action prompts and coaching offers.

Minimise the opportunity for fraud to take place, and ensure agents maintain compliance with fraud detection processes. Prepare proactively, identify fraud issues rapidly, and take action more quickly.

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