Real-Time Agent Support

Listen to and analyse all voice or text-based interactions, to provide agents with timely support.

Powering Agent Productivity and Performance

Driving agent performance can seem overwhelming. How can you ensure agents have access to the most relevant information? How do you deliver real-time coaching?

By leveraging speech and text analytics information, Sitel® Real-Time Agent Support assists agents as they navigate through customer interactions, accessing appropriate knowledge base articles or prompts to take the next best action in real time. By guiding agents through customer interactions and their work, Sitel Real-Time Agent Support streamlines their tasks and highlights upselling opportunities, driving productivity and performance.

  • Prompt next best action
  • Access the most appropriate information
  • Detect potentially fraudulent interactions
  • Replicate the behaviours of your top performers

Measurable Results

Unlock the power of your interaction data with Sitel Real-Time Agent Support.rn


Reduction in Avearage Handle Time (AHT)


Increase in First Contact Resolution (FCR)


Faster Detection of Potentially Fraudulent Interactions

Supporting Fraud Detection

Interaction analytics are used to help agents detect potentially fraudulent contacts. By flagging high fraud-risk scenarios in real time, and offering coaching and next best action prompts, speech and text analytics guide agents away from risk, driving a 17% increase in compliance and identifying fraud risks 25% faster. Identifying potential fraud more quickly enables you to take action faster, protecting your business and your customers.

Sitel Real-Time Agent Support uncovers potential fraud risks by reviewing past instances and creating a watchlist of flags, such as words, phrases or frequency of contact, to listen for. Each flag is given a score that is used to grade and flag high fraud-potential scenarios. This information is used in real time to steer agents away from risks and ensure they remain compliant with fraud detection processes. By reviewing fraudulent calls, and those flagged as high risk, the process is fine tuned and continuously improved.

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