Predictive Analytics

Protect your customers and your reputation.

Stop Reacting and Start Understanding

Two critical factors dictate how well your organisation safeguards data integrity: agents’ ability to comply with procedural requirements, and your teams’ and systems’ ability to withstand fraud attempts, regardless of point of origin.

Sitel® Predictive Analytics uses known data points to develop or train a model capable of predicting outcomes for different or new data. For your organisation, this means a Compliance Analytics program that tracks and improves agent and bot behaviour, and a Social Fraud Analytics approach that monitors interactions and recommends next best actions that detect and protect against malicious activity.

Detect Fraud

Combine multiple analytics methods to improve pattern detection and prevent criminal behaviour. Examine all actions on a network in real-time and spot abnormalities that may indicate fraud, zero-day vulnerabilities and advanced persistent threats.

Reduce Risk

Incorporate all relevant available data to minimise undesired outcomes. Protect your brand reputation and avoid fines by through comprehensive monitoring, flagging compliance risks in real time.

Improve Returns

Creates an inclusive workspace, ensuring team members are more involved in the successful delivery of the brand’s customer experience (CX).

Sitel Predictive Analytics can be applied to business operations other than security and compliance, increasing the effectiveness of customer and prospect outreach, enhancing resource allocation, and improving the efficiency of inventory management.

Optimise Marketing Campaigns

Attract, retain and grow your most profitable customers and segments. Determine responses or purchases, and promote the right cross-sell opportunities.

Improve Operations

Better understand historical demand to prepare for and respond to present and future events. Manage resources, forecast inventory requirements, adjust pricing, maximise occupancy, and increase revenue.

Inrcease Accuracy, Increase Revenue


Authentication Errors


Fraud Identification


Customer Survey Outcome Accuracy


Increase in Add-On Sales

With four decades in customer experience, Sitel Group® understands why and how to eliminate fraud scenarios and engage associates with compliancy procedures.

Automated live monitoring and analytics powers your organisation with the comprehensive coverage it needs to prevent avoidable losses.

Analytics and security experts accompany you in designing and deploying a solution that matches your organisation’s needs, regulatory requirements, and makes best use of resources.

Operational Insights Drive Continuous Improvement

The Sitel Predictive Analytics model supports and develops a culture of continuous improvement by using and refining data models that drive consistency, identify key contact drivers, reduce repeat contacts, deliver grounded innovation, and streamline your customer experience.

  • Problem Solving
    Identify key future unknowns based on the past.
  • Data Preparation
    Sift through data from all sources including transactional systems and third parties.
  • Team Approach
    Assemble a comprehensive team that can build, refine and deploy solutions.
  • Modelling
    Expert analytics models leverage chosen data for insights.

Evidence-Driven Methodology

Our data experts drive your business performance by comprehensively assessing interactions and extracting a predictive outcome score. From customer satisfaction to specific business outcomes such as sales success, you can harness the power of your customer data to achieve your CX goals.

An Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) regression model identifies the most impactful categories for customer satisfaction, with results compiled for greatest predictive accuracy.

  • Sample data is selected for analysis
  • Categories are created for hit frequency analysis
  • Regression analysis identifies impactful categories

Result: 85%

Prediction Accuracy of Contact Outcomes

“With the last competitive edge being experience, Predictive Analytics tells you how your customer thinks and how they want you to act so that your business can attract, retain and grow its customer base.”

Cris Kuehl headshot
Cris Kuehl Global Head of Analytics and Insights – Sitel Group

Expertise You Can Rely On

We specialise in needs-oriented solutions design: a complete, cross-disciplinary, and collaborative focus on the challenge we are solving with you, and the associates and customers we are solving it for.

Thorough Assessment

An in-depth appreciation of your organisation’s current technology stack, systems, and security requirements drives our suggestions, selections, and implementations of the tools that best enhance your existing ecosystem.

Implemented to Spec

Our deployment plans cover everything from rapid handover to trained staff, to injections of expertise for speedy capability growth, and fully managed service packages that ensure total coverage of any conceivable requirement.

Supporting Your Success

Every deployment, every adjustment is made to raise your operational efficiency, your compliance, and your customer experience. Our solutions, deployment, and support experts, with their keen operational understanding, accompany your organisation and optimise your analytics program at every step.

Short-Term Wins, Long-Term Gains

With decades of experience in the heart of the customer experience industry, we are dedicated to a grounded, strategic approach brings you stacking ROI, a continuous improvement plan for cumulative quick wins and sustained, long-term success.

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