Learning Needs Analysis

Actionable training insights that improve the skills and competencies needed to enhance your CX.

Planning for Learning Success

A thorough analysis of learning needs is a vital first step in understanding your team’s learning needs and priorities.

Sitel® Learning Needs Analysis is an in-depth and complete assessment method to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses within your current training program. Quantifying impact on business outcomes, we help you to define a more complete map of your organisation’s learning needs, from development of training objectives through to the delivery of a customised and actionable improvement plan backed by a customisable Proof of Concept module.

4-Phased Project for Learning Success

1. Kick-Off Call

Meeting with key stakeholders to understand project objectives and intended outcomes.

2. Live Meetings

Workshops and interviews to understand operational realities, assess skill gaps, determine winning behaviours and secure learner buy-in.

3. Materials Audit

Analysis of existing training curricula and content to assess optimal re-engineering opportunities and establish effectiveness of materials.

4. Report and Proof of Concept Delivery

Full analysis and debrief of findings, including a detailed action plan to ensure success; as well as a customisable Proof of Concept module to visualise the potential of the newly implemented training program.

Our Approach and Expertise Make a Difference

A thorough and consultative learning analysis — involving all stakeholders, including workshops and focus groups, to assess existing training content and curricula — provides you with a roadmap adapted to your unique learner and business needs.

Our proven methodology and extensive BPO learning and development experience provide a strategic framework to deliver against your intended knowledge skills and abilities (KSA) and key performance indicators (KPIs).

With Sitel® Learning Needs Analysis, You Can:

Identify Opportunities

Identify your training needs and analyse the gaps to make informed decisions and develop customised recommendations.

Define Your Strategy

Design a clear plan of action, highlighting the necessary content, training technologies and learning strategies to ensure successful training delivery.

Obtain Results

Impact all training and operational KPIs with training that is fully aligned to operational goals and strategic objectives, and achieve cost savings.

More Effective, More Efficient

Our learning needs analysis service delivers savings by optimising (and often reducing) your learning and development costs. With our proven learning methodology and approach, we ensure your learning program is defined to continually measure training success, with a clear focus on return on investment (ROI). We help achieve operational efficiencies by streamlining your training processes and accelerating your learners’ speed to proficiency.

Optimising the Operational Performance of Your Training

Experience the benefits of award-winning learning and development programs.


Training Curricula Delivered


Client Satisfaction


Lines of Business Handled

A Foundation for Transformational Learning

Sitel Learning Needs Analysis uses a comprehensive approach built upon the latest learning trends to assess content, structure and delivery to help:

  • Improve specific training KPIs
  • Develop and optimise new hire training
  • Digitalise legacy training programs
  • Select the right digital learning solutions
  • Expand knowledge, skills and resources
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