Knowledge Management Platform

Be nimble, be quick with your knowledge hub.

Our knowledge management platform houses the information your agents need to quickly resolve issues and deliver a consistent CX for your customers - all at their fingertips.

The best UX for the best CX.

Our knowledge management platform is built from the ground up for complete ease of use with our understanding of the contact centre environment, agent needs and best-practices for training and development. Empowered by our knowledge management platform, or knowledge base, customer-facing agents can access a collaborative online library of tools, which offers everything they need to create, classify and share content – guaranteeing that they  have the information they need, when they need it. And, by delivering the best user experience for your agents, our knowledge management platform helps you deliver the best customer experience for your customers.

Create, organize and share knowledge across the world.

With support for multiple languages and document types, from text files to videos plus training modules, our knowledge management platforms are simple to maintain and ensure a consistent message and service across channels and touchpoints. The ideal resource for fast-paced industries, our tool ensures your services or offerings are constantly being adjusted or refined in real time and communicated to your entire workforce.

Featuring integrated analytics to constantly monitor usage, our knowledge management platform offers insights into common call drivers, highlighting areas where more content is needed and which document types have the most positive impact on contact centre performance.

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