Intelligent Collections Treatment Paths

Leverage integrated data sources to understand your customers and their behaviour.

Classify Your Customers and Focus Effort for Maximum Impact

Through advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Sitel® Intelligent Treatment Paths focuses your first party collections effort on the debt with the highest propensity for collection to drive efficiency, improve late stage collections and reduce bad debt.

Classifying customers based on behaviour and risk level enables tailored solutions to be delivered.

  • Segment customers based on behaviour, including customer demographics, collection activities, account activities, payments or risk ratings.
  • Deflect interactions to the most effective, lowest cost solutions
  • Route customers to agents best placed to respond, matching debtors to the ideal team to improve call outcomes

Measurable Results

AI-driven treatment paths focus resources where you can have the most impact,
reducing debt and driving efficiencies.


Cure Rate Improvement


Working Capital Improvement

Approaches built around the customer drive customer satisfaction while also targeting resources where they can have the most impact, increasing likelihood to pay. AI-driven Sitel Intelligent Treatment Paths focuses resources where you will have the most impact, reducing debt and driving business efficiencies.

Build brand loyalty through human connection.
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