Integration with CRM

Leverage Sitel Group® know-how and choose the telephony solution that best supports your customers.

Enable Seamless Collaboration and Easy Conversations

The Sitel® Telephony Platform integrates easily with the CRM/CEM and other third-party or internal applications you already use, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Zendesk, SAP, Oracle and Oracle Siebel CRM, and more.

Combining the cloud-capable Sitel Telephony Platform with innso, the Sitel Group® proprietary Customer Engagement Management solution (CEM), creates a fully integrated solution. A Unified Agent Desktop with Case Management, Workflow Automation, and Conversational Messaging capabilities enables you to integrate homegrown systems and tools as well as mainstream messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and social media networks within a single system.

In all cases, your business and staff are supported by Sitel Group® CX experts at every stage of your project:

  1. Assessment of current systems and business requirements
  2. Analysis of needs and the design of the best matching solution
  3. Solution configuration and customisation of the solution
  4. Integration with existing systems done along with your teams
  5. User training, preparation for launch, and support after go-live
  6. Change management and software and process adoption programs
  7. Managed services and technical account management to maximise value realisation

Operationalising a Single Pane of Glass Approach

With roots in the IT industry, the single pane of glass approach elevates and simplifies customer service.

  • By presenting data from relevant sources of customer and back office information through a single comprehensive tool, it simplifies the employee experience (EX) and enquiry resolution process.
  • By consolidating information from multiple sources within a unified perspective, it reduces complexity, errors, and effort for employees, and drives an improved customer experience (CX).

Handling times and first contact resolution rates improve, and customer satisfaction increases. Agents communicate with context. Managers and supervisors gain dashboards and reports built on data from otherwise unconnected sources.

Unify your customer enquiries and conversations by leveraging the extensive experience of Sitel Group. Make agents more efficient and drive customers satisfaction.

How a Single Pane of Glass Approach Transforms Operations

Achieve the level of consistency and depth of insight that improves the customer experience, enhances loyalty, and realises lifetime revenue.

Operations-Focused User Experience

By simplifying and unifying data access inside a single user interface, agents can respond to and resolve customer enquiries with speed and accuracy.

The unified agent desktop integrates and interfaces with disparate systems to retrieve information, record updates, and trigger automated task progressions. Agents can manage all conversations and requests seamlessly in one unified desktop through an integrated view of all customer interactions and cases.

Uniform Experience

Consistency of customer experience (CX) is key to building trust and raising customer satisfaction. Fluctuation between positive and negative experiences has an outsize effect on customer sentiment. Yet raising customer experience goes hand in hand with increasing efficiency and employee experience when an organisation’s systems are connected by an integrative CRM.

Integrating front office and back office systems enables teams to better coordinate and communicate with transparency on the matters that most impact the customer experience: information retrieval, task handovers, and successful workflow progression.

Automation as Acceleration

Performance acceleration is performance improvement; automation speeds up processing times, reduces errors, and enables agents to focus on where their skills add the most value for customers and companies.

Systems integration multiplies the power and potential of automation campaigns, increasing the utility of labour-saving processes by facilitating access to leverageable data.

Data-Driven Management

A single pane of glass approach enables live dashboards and performance analysis reporting, by drawing on otherwise separate sources of information to create a 360° picture of operations.

Unified dashboards integrate all data and provide a global overview, enabling managers to monitor the number of enquiries, for example, by country, service or manager, and deliver the optimal customer and agent experience.

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