Let your customers simply opt out of a long wait time.

Smooth Out Spikes in Call Volume to Improve the Agent and Customer Experience

Give customers the ability to wait in a virtual queue or schedule a callback at a time that’s convenient for them, for a better customer experience (CX).

Sitel® Callback reduces time spent in queue, lowers abandon rates and average handle time (AHT), and saves on costs linked to telco connections. It also optimises contact centre call curves and agent occupancy during peak call times, supporting your agents and delivering a superior experience for your customers.

Don’t you just love it when someone keeps your place in a queue? That’s what customer callback does.

On the flipside, making customers wait too long is a disaster for satisfaction scores and, ultimately, retention. Callback avoids this by letting customers opt out of going on hold for a long or indeterminate amount of time.

Instead, they receive a return call, either as soon as an agent is free to speak or at a time of their own choosing.

This way, customers don’t have to tie themselves to a phone call, or tie up their phone line. They’re still in the queue, albeit virtually, yet free to get on with their days. It’s queueing without queueing. Skipping the line without pushing in front.

Behind the scenes, operations can define precisely when a callback option is triggered. For example, data-driven algorithmic prediction could make estimated wait times the deciding factor. Or perhaps it’s evidence-based research on optimal hold times that sets the threshold. In the same way, the number of attempted callbacks can also be configured and adjusted at the operations level.

Build Good Customer Relationships and Earn Their Loyalty


Abandoned calls


Average Handling Time (AHT)

Minimise the Wait for a Better CX

Sitel Callback offers in-queue virtual hold and scheduled callback functionalities based on defined thresholds.

Personalised Experience

Customers can schedule a callback at their convenience.

Minimised Call Abandonment

By eliminating wait times, fewer calls are abandoned and customers need to callback less often.

Peak Call Time Efficiency

By enabling customers to schedule a callback at a time that suits them, call volume is spread across the day, helping to mitigate peaks in demand.

Finish Calls Faster

Agents can save time by researching the customer’s issues ahead of the callback, minimising the time on the phone.

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