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A Clear Pathway to Elevate Your Social Media CX

A well-defined social media CX strategy is the first step to leveraging the interactive power of social networks to extend your brand’s reach. 

Sitel® Boost Your Social is a consulting service that draws upon our experience supporting millions of daily interactions across social networks. Whether your objective is to build a new engagement strategy or reimagine your social communities to grow brand loyalty, our experts can help develop your new social roadmap.

Build a unique strategy that aligns with your goals by analysing the competitive landscape, auditing your network presence and assessing your social media support performance.

How We Get It Done

Sitel Boost Your Social design follows a three-step approach.

1. Social Data Study

Identify customer insights by analysing the online brand conversations measuring visibility, community engagement and competitors’ social presence.

2. Social Customer Care Assessment

Analyse your brand’s social media performance by setting and tracking goals, mapping tools and processes and identifying areas of improvement. 

3. Actionable Roadmap

Collaboratively create a clear roadmap outlining key priorities, required assets, roles and responsibilities and actions to bring your social media strategy to life.

Create Value for Your Brand by Boosting Your Social Media Channels

By following our consulting framework, you can:

Improve Your Current Social Care Strategy

Explore insightful data and metrics linked to your existing social care strategy and plan your social media efforts and initiatives more effectively, identifying the necessary actions for improvement.

Learn from Your Brand, Products and Services Conversations

Measure and assess your brand reputation and perception with a social data study designed to thoroughly analyse social conversations across both your brand and competitors.

Detect Opportunities for Your CX Strategy

Assessments and workshops identify opportunities related to your engagement strategy and the need for automation, content creation and crisis management.

Layout a Clear Strategic Roadmap

Our iterative consulting methodology tackles the fundamentals. It establishes a personalised roadmap that opens a path to the future and the actions required to accomplish your business objectives.

Optimise Your Internal Processes

A crucial part of our analysis and recommendations focuses on improving your social care processes, tool availability and proficiency, organisational models, and governance.

Become a Relevant and Trusted Voice

Sitel Boost Your Social methodology incorporates fresh ideas that help you:

  • Handle customer service through your social media accounts
  • Build brand loyalty through social media customer care
  • Optimise existing social rooms
  • Assist your in-house social care taskforce 
  • Harmonise omnichannel operational standards
  • Deliver brand consistency across all channels

An Immersive Experience You Can Embed within Sitel® Social Room

Leveraging real-time social insights is critical to delivering efficient marketing and operational activities to impact CX. For this reason, our experts can handle your social media conversations, trends and indicators within your hub in real-time, having complete control of your customer experience. 

With Sitel® Social Room, you turn your social media into a customer experience channel. We go beyond the social strategy to help you understand your customer expectations and create a strong brand voice in the social space.

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