Automated Image Analysis

Evolve your digital solutions with advanced image recognition for quick support and decision-making.

Boost Your CX Performance With the Next Generation of AI Image Technology

Building upon rapid advances in machine learning and automation, Sitel® Automated Image Analysis helps your brand quickly and accurately respond to customer requests based on images submitted through your digital channels. With AI image interpretation, you can expedite data capture, diagnostics and decision-making to support sales, service and care operations, creating a more pleasant and efficient customer journey.

With Automated Image Analysis, you are equipped to assist your customers with faster and more accurate product selection or issue diagnostics, supporting your customers with recommendations, validation or self-service situations, as needed.  

1. Object Detection

2. Defect Identification

3. Image Classification

4. Support Recommendation

The Benefits of Sitel® Automated Image Analysis

Sitel Automated Image Analysis will be a game-changer, bringing you tangible business benefits.

Enrich the Customer Experience

Provide instant response time 24 hours a day and real-time resolution, improving the quality-of-service customer experience.

Improve Accuracy

Improve diagnostic accuracy and simplify decision-making by minimising human error and resolving opinion differences during the data collection.

Streamline Operational Processes

Provide successful end-to-end process automation, enabling agile back-end operations and reducing primary back-office workload.

Reduce Costs

Deliver compelling efficiencies while reducing operational costs with a next-generation RPA solution.

Boost Productivity

Enable the creation of an intelligent workforce and ensure employees spend their time on more engaging, strategic and creative tasks rather than repetitive ones.

Optimise Resources

Handle requests during seasonal spikes in a fraction of the time while effortlessly optimising agent time allocation and maintaining customer service quality.

Improving Agent Productivity With an Efficient Automated Customer Support


Cases Identified Using Sitel® Automated Image Analysis


Diagnostic Accuracy

15 sec vs 10 days

Resolution Process Improvement

When “An Image Is Worth a Thousand Words”

Sitel Automated Image Analysis is a unique CX technology blending AI and automation to expedite customer tasks, such as:

  • Product exchange and returns
  • Defect confirmation
  • Warranty validation
  • Payment and signature verification
  • Proof of payment confirmation
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