Sitel® MAX-ing Out Our Culture

Sitel® MAX, or My Associate Experience, is our business-wide mindset and methodology for transforming the associate experience.

Sitel MAX is a cross-functional approach to co-designing and implementing initiatives at site, regional and global levels to transform the associate experience at Sitel Group®. More than a traditional voice of the employee programme, Sitel MAX makes our people active participants in their experience and operationalises a culture of continuous improvement. Through Sitel MAX, our people identify opportunities to grow, improve and engage as architects of new solutions.

Sitel® MAX Results

In just its first year, Sitel MAX delivered results across the business – from building and launching an all-associate intranet solution in 17 days, to improving training for associates. And while the initial focus was improving the associate experience, Sitel MAX is positioned to drive continuous improvement to our customers’ solutions in the same way our associates’ insight has added value for us.

Sitel® MAX By the Numbers

  • 1,000+ ideas shared with 68% from the frontline              
  • One year after launching Sitel MAX, we saw strong, consistent improvements in employee engagement within our annual employee survey, Sit & Tell:
    • Global eNPS in 2020 increased to 26.5, up from 13.4 in 2019. (88% participation)
  • Sitel MAX Flexibility: Providing our associates with more powerful scheduling features to have a positive impact on work-life balance and overall satisfaction
    •  98% of associates said they had a good experience creating their own schedules.
  • Sitel MAX Train: In order to provide a best-in-class CX, the frontline needed access to targeted complementary product training. The community created micro-learning modules in the flow of work.
    • 550% sales units per day; 395% premium upgrade sales (week on week)
  • iCoach (performance management tool): Developing enhanced tools for skill development and process optimisation is key for transforming the associate experience. This is why there’s a need for a right-fit performance management platform that provides our coaches and operations managers with a single source of data and actionable insights to improve coaching cycles.
    • User satisfaction increased from 62% to 91%; Steps were reduced from nine to three; KPI diagnostic time reduced from 180 to 13 seconds

Sitel® MAX Community

With more than 3,000 members, the Sitel MAX Insiders community is at the heart of every Sitel MAX initiative. Made up primarily of frontline agents, the community participates in crowdsourcing and co-creation activities to shape their future experience.

  • Sitel MAX Insiders: a community representative of our global workforce (~3,000)
  • MAXperts: super users and coordinators (~200)

The community is engaged in user experience (UX) activities to drive innovation and co-design the future of the Sitel Group associate experience through culture, technology and workplace.

Initiatives around our company mission, values, global operating standards (GOS), learning and development, inclusion and diversity and wellness.

Better tools to increase performance and efficiency.

Enhancements that make our associates’ journey more enjoyable and productive.

This methodology is based on the works of Jacob Morgan, a trained futurist and one of the world’s leading authorities on leadership, the future of work, employee experience, and leadership. Source:

A Better User Experience (UX)

To achieve maximum impact in our associate’s experience, we’ve built a cross-functional approach to actively engage members of our community in every phase of Sitel MAX initiatives.

Our people participate in data collection activities like surveys and interviews to gather information about their current experience.

Our people help define the next steps toward their new experience by sharing ideas through workshops and design-thinking activities.

Our people are actively involved in the design process as we constantly share updates and involve the community via feedback and suggestions.

Our people test prototypes of future solutions and experiences to help improve the final outcomes.

Our people’s involvement is key in the continuous improvement of the initiatives in our roadmap.

Through our Sitel MAX community and 100,000-strong network of people, we share insights with you and improve the customer experiences we deliver on behalf of your brand to Create Connection. Value Conversation.

Hear more from our associates about their experiences at Sitel Group.