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Build brand loyalty through human connection.

Engaging Customers with Your Brand Through the Power of Human Connection and Consistent, Valued Conversation

EXP+™ Engage elevates the power of human connection to build brand loyalty through email, chat, messaging and voice-based contact center services built upon a foundation of data-driven customer understanding.

Whether online or traditional voice-based conversations, the human connection remains a crucial element of customer experience (CX) delivery.

Self-service solutions have an important role to play, yet there are moments when only interacting with a live agent will do; in fact, 87% of consumers want to connect with a live agent when it comes to resolving a critical issue.

EXP+™ Sell Sheet

Engaging customers with your brand through the power of human connection and consistent, valued conversation.

From live technical support to breaking down language barriers through multilingual support services or creating empathy and efficiency through interaction analytics, EXP+ Engage uses the most advanced technologies to route customers, in real time, to the agent able to offer the best support, drive resolution on the first contact or improve collections.

EXP+ Engage enables stronger connections, creating 360° data and enabling deeper customer understanding and faster issue resolution. With leading-edge technologies, EXP+ Engage supports the authentication of customers, protects their data, guards against fraud and mitigates risk.

Measurable Results

Experience the power of EXP+ Engage and lower average handle time (AHT), drive customer satisfaction (CSAT) and support business growth through sales conversion.


sales increase with Sitel® Customer True Intent


AHT reduction with Sitel® Agent Real-Time Support


CSAT increase with Sitel® Case Management

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7 Consecutive Years
Leader in the Everest Group Contact Center Outsourcing (CCO) Peak Matrix

2019 ISG Provider Lens™ Archetype Report
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2019 NICE inContact Interactions
Best in Cloud Award

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