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Accelerate with leading-edge AI-enabled digital experiences.

Evolving the Customer Experience at Their Convenience

Customers are progressively taking control of the way they experience your brand. Whether driven by commodity or necessity, people turn to self-service solutions expecting to find all they want and more. That is the case for 35% of all consumers and 43% of Gen Z consumers who prefer self-service solutions to resolve their issues.* Failure to deliver relevant results in terms of time and quality of information will impact your brand’s perception and overall customer satisfaction.

CX Digital from Sitel Group® integrates the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation and combine them with knowledge management and social media services to offer a complete suite of digital self-service solutions that will impress your customers.

*COVID-19: the CX Impact Study, Sitel Group®, 2020

Accelerating Your CX Through Intelligent Self-Service and Automation

Put your customer in the driver’s seat with fast, convenient, 24/7 self-service solutions as an integrated element of the omnichannel CX journey.

With customers actively seeking digital alternatives, brands must help their customers help themselves. Consumers value the speed and round-the-clock availability that self-service solutions provide. From conversational IVR to intelligent digital agents applied across voice or non-voice channels, Sitel® CX Digital offers fast, convenient, 24/7 self-service solutions.


Simplify customer interactions with our self-service voice solution that naturally handles conversations and efficiently solves your most common requests.

Digital Agent

Incorporate the next generation of intelligent chatbots into your 24/7 self-service solutions with human-like, effective conversations your customers will naturally enjoy.

Automated Image Analysis

Enrich your digital conversations with intelligent image real-time support, allowing your customer to validate and speed up specific tasks.

Boost Your Bot

Revamp your chatbot behavior and performance with diagnostics, recommendations and attention from our digital experts who will transform your brand’s digital conversations.

Sitel® CX Digital Sell Sheet

Digital Self-Service Solutions — The Evolution of CX

Taking Control of Your Social Experience

Social media communities are becoming the center of conversation, where people gather, inquire and share all about your brand. Having the correct strategy in place can transform your social networks into a powerful CX channel with your brand at the center of it all. With Sitel CX Digital, you will be actively listening to your audience, acting upon rich, actionable insights and engaging in honest conversations that will elevate your brand’s perception and reputation.

Social Room

Take control of your social media experience in a hub where our experts, technologies and sound strategies make your brand shine in every conversation.

  • Dedicated social experts
  • Valuable insights
  • Operational agility

Social Intelligence

Decode your social media engagements and conversations into usable data to comprehend and influence your audience, understand your reputation, and read your competition.

  • Monitor brand health
  • Grow engagement
  • Crisis management

Boost Your Social

Elevate your brand with a clear social strategy, building a roadmap to drive powerful results, engage with your customers, support them and keep them loyal.

  • Improve your care strategy
  • Learn from social conversations
  • Create a strategic roadmap

The Knowledge You Need, When You Need It

Every day, more customers turn to self-service instances to solve matters themselves. Without disregarding the convenience or urgency leading to their decision, we can all agree that the reliability of the information in terms of accuracy and availability is what will drive their satisfaction. With the correct Sitel® CX Digital knowledge strategy and help center solutions, we can identify all data channels and information sources, structure and design content, and manage the customer journey.

Knowledge Management

Equip your audience with a comprehensive knowledge ecosystem to provide superior self-service customer support and boost agent productivity fostering on-point conversation.

  • Audit and strategic alignment
  • Technology selection
  • Content management

Self-Service Content

Provide your customers with a user-friendly and effective self-service solution designed to assist them in configuring, fixing, or using products and services.

  • Content creation
  • UI customization
  • Performance management

Transform Your Digital CX to Drive Efficiency and Increase Customer Satisfaction Across Your Brand


Customer Satisfaction with Sitel® Digital Agent


Customer Satisfaction with Sitel® Social Engagement


First Contact Resolution Rate with Sitel® Self-Service Content

Recognized for Our Expertise

2020 Gold XX Prêmio ABT Award
Innovation and Technological Solutions
Brazil: Havaianas

2021 Gold XX Prêmio ABT Award
Innovation in Customer Products and Services
Brazil: Havaianas

Discover CX Digital from Sitel Group®

Provide the knowledge and resources needed for quick response and resolution, fostering on-point conversations and self-service opportunities for customers and agents alike.

Expand your social media influence with the strategy, expertise and support you need to sprout CX, excel your CX, make you shine and protect your brand.

Leverage the power of AI in your text and voice conversations with a suite of digital solutions designed to optimize the self-service experience your customers want.