Revenue per intervention
Fewer call transfers
Decrease in follow-up calls
French carmaker transforms its customer relationships with the help of Sitel’s omnichannel engagement platform

The Challenge

To replace outdated ticketing systems with an omnichannel engagement platform to boost sales, track servicing, better understand customers and improve CX.

Our Solution

As part of a wider digital transformation strategy, we partnered with Renault to improve the performance of its dealership network. We established an omnichannel engagement platform supporting live-chat, voice, email and back-office interaction to enable end-to-end customer care.

With a 360-degree view of each customer, agents have immediate access to a full customer history. This means contacts are immediately routed to the right agent or salesperson while the enhanced address book is instantaneously connected a prospect with the right person in the right geography to continue building a relationship.

A central knowledge base ensures that all contact center agents have the same level of accurate information regarding pricing, offers and specifications on different models during different campaigns. Meanwhile, because everything is integrated with the company’s back office and CRM, new qualified leads are captured and tracked while the progress of maintenance and servicing work is automated.

The platform has been developed with expansion in mind and is ready to support social media, SMS and self-service via chatbots as the company chooses to add new channels.

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