Immersive Training

Engage your learners with virtual and augmented reality experiences.

Leverage the Learning Power of Emotional Responses

New technology allows for the creation of immersive training experiences. Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (XR) have an increasingly important role to play in corporate training and learning.

Sitel® Immersive Training supports scenario-based training, object manipulation and soft-skills training. The gamified approach increases sensory maximization and boosts engagement levels. By combining these tools with artificial intelligence (AI), Sitel Immersive Training delivers powerful and specialized training for your learners.


Highly innovative and interactive content.


Immersive solutions reproduce on-premise experiences.


Fully optimized situational training accurately reflects real-world scenarios.

Benefits of Immersive Learning

An immersive learning solution enables you to virtually create objects or spaces that replace physical reality making it ideal for spatial and situational distance learning, walkthrough learning, multi-simulated scenarios, behavioral soft-skills training and object manipulation.

Multisensory learning boosts engagement, memory and retention, driving learners’ speed to proficiency. Also, immersive learning often triggers emotional responses that allow for greater comprehension and true-to-life empathy.

Measurable Results

Leverage the learning power of immersive experiences.


of corporate learners believe VR enables experiences that are not otherwise possible. (Source: Samsung Global)


of learners prefers AR/VR over other training facilitation because it mirrors real-life experiences. (Source:

Practical Immersive Training

Sitel Immersive Training creates safe environments in which learners can explore hazardous situations, learn to make critical decisions or gain better understanding of a customer’s situation, arming them with the skills they need.


Introduce new employees to the job by showing them the ins and outs of the business, the workplace area, processes and more from their own training room.

Scenario-Based Learning

Practice soft skills with a first-person perspective of real-life customer situations as your people learn how to make critical decisions.

Multi-Step Tasks

Work through troubleshooting products and problem solving by outlining the steps and guiding the learner to work through the problem.


Situational and role-play training where you can rehearse virtual customer reactions, emulating real-life situations.

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