Customer Experience (CX) Consulting

Lead your business into the future with data-driven approaches.

Leverage Data-Driven Approaches to Lead Your Organization Into the Future

Sitel® Customer Experience (CX) Consulting drives your business transformation, enhancing the customer experience and improving total cost of ownership.

Introduce best-in-class practices and leading-edge technologies to transform and future proof your brand.

Improve CX

Identify opportunities to enhance customer interactions.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Drive efficiencies and operational improvements to reduce TCO.

Drive Growth

Uncover competitive advantage through actionable customer insights.

Sitel CX Consulting optimizes your organization’s CX and takes your results to the next level by identifying and building deep capabilities and enabling a fast response to rapidly changing market dynamics. Our solution creates an an easy-to-follow, detailed roadmap to achieve your specific business goals, with a tailored path to your necessary business improvements.

Through the visualization of process data, our customer experience consulting solution delivers a clarity of understanding that other types of business intelligence cannot match. And, through the seamless connection across product families in our EXP+™, you can be sure that effortless digital adoption is within your reach – if an opportunity is identified through our CX consulting services to create value and efficiencies for your brand through digital transformation.

With the support of our digital experts, true digital adoption is within your grasp – for both you and your customers.

Six Steps to CX Success

  1. As-Is Review – create a blueprint of the as-is process.
  2. Data Analysis – conduct operational data analysis.
  3. Identify Opportunities – identify digital opportunities and proposed solutions.
  4. Quantification – quantify the opportunities identified, including consideration of ROI.
  5. Prioritization – create a prioritization matrix, including consideration of ROI.
  6. Roadmap – deliver a detailed roadmap that ensures success against business goals.
Insights from across your data sources.
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