Trainer Training

Leverage our award-winning learning and development team to train your trainers.

Creating Best-in-Class Trainers

Effective and engaging training facilitation is a key component of successful talent development and business objective execution, trainer training ensures your in-house team has access to the latest tools and techniques.

Sitel® Train-the-Trainer gives you access to a team of highly skilled, experienced, thoughtful and learner-centric facilitators. Our program expertly cultivates the skills within your in-house training team to deliver vital information to your learners, supporting the success of your people and your business.

Qualitative Approach

Resulting in optimized learner outcomes.

Best Practices

Focus on educational best practices for optimum training sessions.

Flexible Instruction

Strengthen your training team’s skills, in both classroom and virtual environments.

Sitel Train-the-Trainer delivers structured and customized training that meaningfully transfers knowledge and expertise specific to your business. We ensure an intentional focus on products and services, process training and sales techniques, ensuring your people gain appropriate knowledge.

Through our trainer training program, you can certify the ability of your trainers to develop your employees’ skills related to specific subjects. Our facilitation infrastructure enables your in-house training team to optimize tools and techniques; your team will benefit from support from experts in the principles of adult learning.

Measurable Results

Leverage our award-winning learning and development team.


Training Team Satisfaction Rate

Delivering an Effective Train-the-Trainer Program

Our approach to corporate trainer training ensures adult learning principles and business goals are central.

Virtual Kick Off

Experience the Sitel Train-the-Trainer program online; what it is, how it will be delivered, facilitator expectations, intended modalities, day-to-day breakdown of activities and milestones.

Adult Learning Concepts

Virtual session focused on adult learning theories and principles and how to integrate and apply them to the content thoughtfully and sequentially. This focuses on what adult learners prefer and how to keep them highly engaged.

Observation and Debriefing

Individual teach-backs, feedback and coaching. Review of content, ice breakers and Q&A session.

Unlock the power of your people to deliver superior CX.
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