Clickstream Analytics

Uncover the insights hidden in every click.

Turn Clicks Into Actionable Insights

Drive operational efficiencies across your organization by monitoring key metrics and understanding behaviors across internal or external websites through clickstream analytics.

Sitel® Clickstream Analytics reveals how operational processes work and how teams engage with one another and leverage quality assurance tools to create a stronger customer experience (CX).

Virtual Trail

Log the full browser clickstream, as well as continuous audio and video. Integrate case data from your CRM, quality scores, shift data and more to build a complete picture of operational process and outcomes.

User Intent

See measures of team engagement and productivity, process and workflow outliers or internal tool analytics. Get precise and actionable insights through frameworks, or customize reporting based on your business needs.

Business Wide

Search video and annotation tools to go beyond the data to review and replay real situations, driving coaching and training, facilitating debugging and promoting best-practice sharing.

Measurable Results

Uncover the insights hidden in every click.


Decrease in Failure Rate


Improvement in Agent Ramp-Up Time


Decrease in Agent Varience


Increase in Agent Work Speed

Better Analytics Mean Better Operations

Identify the behaviors of top performers, aid best-practice sharing and identify opportunities to drive efficiencies through automation.

Identify Best Practices

Understand your top performers’ processes and highlight best practices by case type to drive best-practice sharing.

Measure Productivity

See a clear view of your team, site and individual engagement with detailed utilization waterfalls.

Enhance Processes

Identify redundant or broken processes to improve your agents’ day-to-day work.

Identify Automation Opportunities

Pinpoint repetitive and time-consuming tasks and measure the true return on investment (ROI) of automation.

Insights from across your data sources.
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