The chatbots are here.

Get closer to the conversation with your customers with our chatbot development services. Our always-open customer self-service channel enables multiple conversations with multiple users simultaneously - answering questions on behalf of your brand in an instant.

…But not all chatbots are created equal.

Today’s customers expect brands to respond to their needs 24/7 – and our intelligent chatbots, or digital agents, deliver. Engaging in intelligent conversations, our digital agents answer your customers’ questions in real time. Built through our chatbot development services, this round-the-clock intelligent channel brings your FAQs to life. Our digital agents free up your contact center agents, leaving them to  focus their expertise on handling more complex customer interactions where empathy and human emotion are crucial to delivering a differentiated CX.As your chatbots learn more and more over time, your channel takes on higher chat volumes and becomes more flexible, scalable and profitable.​

Your digital agent.
The bot you need thanks to economies of scale and our relationships with all major players.

Powered by AI to do more and respond in a more natural, fluent way.

Connect with your customers in conversional channels and keep building your brand.

Deploying your chatbot in a smarter way.

Digital agents are designed around a clear use case reflecting your customers’ needs and expectations. From gaining a deep understanding of your organization’s culture and brand voice to identifying where in the customer journey a chatbot would make the biggest impact, Sitel Group’s digital experts guide you every step of the way. Our services include integrating with your existing IT systems to conversational design, deployment and continuous improvement. But the technology behind our chatbot development services is only part of the story.

Speaking your language.

As your partner, we step into your brand to build detailed personas of what your chatbot should look, sound, think and speak like. With a deep understanding of the emotional connection your customers have to your brand and its products, we apply our expertise to your custom digital agent – so it truly speaks your brand’s language. Our refined methodological approach enables us to design end-to-end chatbot solutions to help you build a closer relationship with your customers. Leveraging a leading conversational AI platform and flexible dialog manager capabilities, your digital agent can have natural, non-linear conversations – connecting your customers to the emotional expectations they have with your brand.

Digital agent development.

Whether it’s a basic chatbot following a predefined decision tree, or an intelligent chatbot leveraging AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities, our proven approach to chatbot development includes storyboarding, scripting and training to ensure your bot reflects your brand. Further, your chatbot delivers the right conversational experience with an interface optimized for any channel – through your website, via SMS or hosted on major social messaging app platforms, like Facebook Messenger.

Human + digital agent relationship.
Human-centric automation is at the core of our solution. Agents train the bot on user intent, inform conversational design and seamlessly handle bot escalations.

Conversational deisgn expertise.
Using your CX data sources, we design delightful chatbot interactions and can adapt and deploy on the web, mobile apps, via messaging channels and SMS or smart speakers.

Cutting-edge technology.
A leading conversational AI platform enables us to quickly build and continually improve your Digital Agent. Flexible Dialog Manager capabilities and deep AI allow it to conduct natural, non-linear conversations.

Pay for performance model.
Confident about our ability to deliver a bot that meets your operational goals, we only charge for successful resolutions. If the bot scripts out or the customer escalates to a live agent, you don’t pay.

Meet Bot Trainer.

Every chatbot needs a clear identity and must be a true reflection of your organization and its CX approach. When developing the conversational architecture, especially for an intelligent chatbot that understands context and nuance, you need more than strong datasets so it can begin to actually learn to reflect your brand and your customers’ expectations. Enter Bot Trainer, our interface allowing customer service representatives to train and calibrate chatbots to ensure they recognize customer intent and answer in line with the brand’s values. Developers may be the best at building chatbots, but the best chatbot teachers are those who are already experts in your company’s CX – your customer service representatives, or agents.

They have an unparalleled understanding of customers, common contact drivers and your brand promise. Regardless of chatbot use cases, training one to perform is a labor intensive task and one that can only be expedited by using teams of genuine domain experts. What’s more, once a chatbot goes live, Bot Trainer enables agents to constantly monitor and improve chatbot performance as they begin to learn from customer interactions.

UBotCare, your bot in a box.

If you’re looking for a simpler chatbot solution, UBotCare is a quick and easy way to make frequently asked questions simple to answer. Our web-based Bot Builder takes your existing self-care content from all sources – web content, contact center notes or posts to your company forums or brand communities – and converts it into a conversational experience for your customers. Simple to integrate into a website, UBotCare works across digital channels and can be set up in less than 10 days (without coding knowledge). Once live, it’s easy to adjust its performance, improve its understanding of customer intent and expand its vocabulary.

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