Process Optimization Consulting

Drive enterprise-wide improvements by leveraging a Six Sigma methodology.

A Strategic Approach to Improving Your Business Processes

Process optimization is part of the DNA of Sitel Group®. Now, you can benefit from our expertise through our process optimization consulting designed to support your own back-office services.

Sitel® Process Optimization Consulting breaks down core business challenges using both a practice and statistical approach to problem, solution and planning. This leads to operational efficiencies that positively impact your customer experience (CX).


Leverage Sitel’s team of experts to break down processes and uncover valuable insights.


Easy to understand visualizations guide process improvements.


Shape new processes and programs to build brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Operational Insights Drive Continuous Improvement

Sitel Process Optimization Consulting provides data-driven recommendations for business and customer process improvements.

Drive Consistency

Deliver the experience your customers expect – through every conversation.

Streamline Customer Experiences

Driving customer ease, reducing process waste and non-value steps.

Reduce Repeat Contacts

Identify and address key contact drivers.

Predict and Personalize

Harness the power of data insights to understand your customer behavior.

Grounded Innovation

Our innovative solutions are aligned to tangible return on investment (ROI) within the operation.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Drive combined operational efficiencies and value creation.

Insights from across your data sources.
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