A mobile-enabled learning experience.

Award-Winning Mobile Learning

Our award-winning mobile learning solution, BlynkYoo, successfully delivers fully social training that seamlessly integrates with traditional Learning Management Solutions (LMS). BlynkYoo offers a simple learning method that supports positive learning habits which yield better performance. The solution’s learner-centric learning path includes notifications and updates on courses, creating a stronger learning experience and driving cost efficiencies through training process automation.


Integration with your learning ecosystem.

Collaborative Learning

Fun online learning communities which encourage interactions and engagement.


A simple learning method that supports positive learning habits yielding higher quality performance.

Higher Engagement

Microlearning, collaboration, gamification and flexibility – native functionalities that foster engagement and retention.

Cost Effective

Low operational costs resulting from training process automation and dynamic learning.


Self-paced, on-the-go learning anywhere, anytime.

Learning Experience

Clear learning paths supported by and through a collaborative and mobile-friendly experience.

Continuous Learning

Learner-centric learning paths which include notifications and updates on courses.

Unlock the power of your people to deliver superior CX.
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