Blended Learning

Leverage the latest in blended-learning capabilities to deliver dramatically improved learning and business outcomes.

Blended Learning: The Best of Both Worlds

Blended learning integrates technology and digital media with traditional instructor-led classroom activities, giving students more flexibility to customize their learning experience.

Sitel® Blended Learning leverages diverse tools, processes and technologies to engage learners, encouraging them to “lean in” and interact.


Mix and match traditional and non-traditional learning approaches for the optimum learning experience.


Interactive digital experiences provide the learner with interactive and gamified learning opportunities.


Reduce the burden on trainers and provide the necessary resources to support post-training performance.

Learning for Every Learner’s Style

By integrating instructor-led programs with elearning, or digital training materials, Sitel Blended Learning delivers superior and tailored learning experiences. Learners enjoy the best of both worlds, instructor-led training can focus on deeper learning, skill development or complex topics, while eLearning delivers pre or post coursework and provide additional support for learners to continue learning.

Measurable Results

Driving learning excellence.


Lower Training Duration


Speed to Proficiency


Efficiency for Trainers

Six Models of Blended Learning


Learners are introduced to the content prior to training. Face-to-face learning is used to review, discuss or work through the content.

Online Driver

Majority of work is completed online. Face-to-face time is flexible and based on learners’ needs.

Online Lab

Employees take online training in a supervised environment (e.g., computer lab) during work hours.

Face-to-Face Driver

Significant amount of face-to-face time is replaced with online learning activities. In-person training is supported by pre and post coursework.


Training is scheduled and divided into face-to-face time and online learning.


In-person and online training is offered. Learners have the option to choose how they want to complete the training.

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