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|Why You Can’t Be a Disruptor Without an Omnichannel Solution

Why You Can’t Be a Disruptor Without an Omnichannel Solution

You’re shaking up the industry because you’ve identified a need for doing things differently. But now that your idea is a disruptive business reality, how will you take it to the next level without sacrificing customer experience?

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Business Disruption The Omnichannel Solution
by Sitel staff March 5, 2019 - 2 MIN READ

You’re shaking up the industry because you’ve identified a need for doing things differently. But now that your idea is a disruptive business reality, how will you take it to the next level without sacrificing customer experience (CX)?

The answer is simple: by continually and consistently aligning your products and services with customers. For proof, look at the establishment and those companies that don’t seem to suffer any ill effects from disruption. They survive because they never lose sight of their customers. They ensure they understand their customers’ needs and deliver on their expectations. A unique CX is the key to always remaining relevant.

So, if you want to make sure that you don’t go from being known as a disruptor to being referred to as an innovator or, worse still, an iterator, you need to be one with your customer base. And that means taking a true omnichannel approach to CX.

Omnichannel is the only option

Omnichannel means providing a frictionless, seamless experience. From voice and live chat to Messenger, your customers and their information needs to be able to move from one channel to another without the need to start again, to repeat information or experience a different level of service.  

But that’s just the start. You must remember that customers are not simply moving between channels, they’re also moving between devices – mobile to desktop, phone to smart speaker. The experience has to be optimized for all interfaces and the solution must fully integrate with your CRM platform so that your customer service department always has the information it needs to deliver.

Driving ROI

You could continue to focus on a single digital channel. But, being present across more channels and more touchpoints creates more opportunities for customer interaction. This in turn means you generate more data and gain a greater understanding of your customer base as it grows and as your business evolves.

A real focus on delivering an omnichannel experience also ensures you’re putting customer needs first; that approach will stop silos developing in your business and keep the data flowing through all departments.

Most importantly, an integrated omnichannel solution is a more efficient way of supporting your customers. It helps them to resolve issues more quickly and in turn makes best use of your available resources.

Identifying the right partner

As a new business with a new way of doing things, you will face challenges in delivering an omnichannel experience that your incumbent competitors don’t. You don’t have the scale to expand your offering without diluting the relationship you’re building up with your existing customers. How will a company that is still developing meet customer expectations that seem to be changing on a daily basis?

The answer is to identify a partner that can deliver a solution that aligns with your business now and that can continue to flex as your organization continues evolving. A partner with the infrastructure, expertise and licenses to take over your existing digital channels and integrate them into a true omnichannel experience giving customers the freedom to communicate with you through their channel or channels of choice.

Disrupt the competition, not your customers

Building a true omnichannel solution is just one of the five steps you can take now to continue your disruptive journey in the future. To learn more download our latest eBook Disrupt the Competition, Not Your Customers and learn why a laser focus on CX is the ultimate disruptor.

With over 400 clients and 3.5 million customer interactions every day, Sitel Group provides a platform that gets companies – no matter how disruptive – closer to their customers. Our expertise crosses every major business sector and our existing relationships with some of the world’s biggest disruptors in finance, home sharing and ride sharing makes us the right partner for your business needs now and into the future.

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