Insights|Improve Your Customer Service Management with Sitel Group® Success Program  

Improve Your Customer Service Management with Sitel Group® Success Program  

As part of its continuous improvement offering, Sitel Group® provides its customers with an innovative support program that offers valuable insights into their customer service management.

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by Sitel staff October 17, 2022 - 3 MIN READ

With its Success Program, Sitel Group offers a global support program that helps brands benchmark their CX processes and practices as well as the level of technological equipment against the market. This innovative approach allows brands to position themselves and drive their continuous improvement (CI) programs.  

We asked Alexandre Rabouille, Head of Success Program, to tell us more.  

Can you explain the Success Program in a few words?  

It’s a coaching program that provides our clients with insights into their customer service management. Our methodology is based on three pillars:   

  • An analysis of the performance indicators (KPI) used by the brand (accessibility, AHT, FCR, etc.) and the selected requirement levels.  
  • An inventory of the technologies and an evaluation of the level of maturity in the concrete use of the tools.  
  • Surveys to understand the employees’ vision regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the brand’s customer service, and potential reasons for customer dissatisfaction. These surveys also allow to gather good ideas and best practices.   

We also collect data on training and the time it takes to acquire skills, the channels used for customer service and service hours. Thanks to all this data, we can benchmark the brand’s practices against those of the industry and its market, and provide a detailed analysis and recommendations for improving the customer and associate experience.     

What tools are you using?   

We have set up a list of 29 technologies used in customer service operations and have established a set of criteria for evaluating their maturity of use.  

Regarding the voice of the associates, in addition to the usual questions, we have created an approach based on image associations. We’re very satisfied with the results, which often prove more meaningful than a free comment.  

In order to manage all this data, cross-reference it and provide benchmarks, we have developed the CX Database. This allows us to observe market trends, analyze in detail each brand’s results, and quickly provide studies to our clients.   

What are the benefits for customers?   

The first advantage is to have a comparison with the market, which is information our clients have difficulties finding. This opens up interesting perspectives on their positioning and strategic choices. The comparison also allows them to see gaps that they hadn’t identified, or, on the contrary, strengths that they didn’t imagine they had.   

The second benefit of the Success Program is that the voice of the associate provides a different perspective that’s very valuable for continuous improvement measures, since it offers concrete insights into the areas that need to be worked on. It’s also a way for the brand to understand associates’ perception and appreciation of the brand’s processes and tools or simply the image the brand conveys, knowing that the associates’ perception mirrors that of customers.  

In concrete terms, the program offers answers to the questions our clients ask themselves:  

  • What handling time should I target with a transformation project?  
  • Is this software right for my field of activity?  
  • Is my initial training too short or too long?  
  • Do I need to open new channels?
  • What customer service hours should I choose?   

What aspect of the program are brands most interested in?   

I would say all of them, although there’s a keen interest for voice of the associate and image associations. Our clients get a new view of their brand, and some have even adopted these methods internally to get their messages across.   

As for the rest, it all depends on the customers’ issues. Those who have operational or cost issues are mainly interested in benchmarking KPIs, those who are working on transformations pay more attention to technology benchmarking, while customers targeting continuous improvement are more interested in the voice of the associates.  

What is the cost of this program for Sitel Group customers?   

There’s no additional cost, it’s part of the continuous improvement package that’s offered to our customers. Our CI experts carry out the analyses, and a global team ensures calibration to validate the homogeneity of the data and manages the integration of the data into our CX Database.  

Interested in learning more about the Success Program? Feel free to contact us to discuss it further!  

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