Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Sitel Group is about giving back to the communities in which we live and work. As a global corporate citizen, we have a unique opportunity to make a significant economic, social and environmental impact – and our 90,000 people around the world are driven to work together, inspire others and have fun along the way.

We conduct business with integrity, aligned to the highest ethical standards, and by respecting accepted international human rights principles. Our CSR initiatives leverage our strengths as an organization to benefit people and the planet. One person, one experience at a time. 

Sitel Footprints

Our CSR program is not solely about what we can do as a company, but what we can do as people and community citizens. Through Footprints, our social and environmental initiatives, we walk together and engage our 90,000 people to improve the lives of local communities.

CSR Pillars

Give Back.

Supporting local communities to make a positive impact on society while engaging employees in causes they find meaningful.

Live Well.

Promoting employee health and wellness by encouraging healthy living through programs such as SitelFit.

Go Green.

Managing our impact through sound practices and promoting employee awareness.

Be Ethical.

Promoting a fair, safe and respectful work environment for our employees and cultivating an ethical corporate culture.

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Sitel Group 2020 CSR Report | View / Download

United Nations Global Compact

As a participant in the United Nations Global Compact initiative, we are committed to supporting and advancing in the areas within our sphere of influence. The Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative launched in 2000 by the United Nations as an attempt to align companies’ strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

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Latest Communication on Progress Report

More about the United Nations Global Compact

Diversity & Inclusion at Sitel Group

Better Together

Our people are our biggest and most important asset. At Sitel Group, we are each part of something bigger – working together to create exceptional experiences for our clients’ customers. With this sense of belonging, we make each other better – individually and as an organization. 

We celebrate our diversity, growth and experiences every day. Whether you’re a Customer Service Representative or the CEO, you have a voice and a story to tell. Every day, we are actively creating unique experiences, inspiring each other and building a workplace where each of our 90,000 people belong – and everyone’s voice is heard.

Employees by Gender


Employees by Age


Empowered voices.

Our Empowered voices. around the globe spotlight our associates’ stories and celebrate their unique experiences. These stories from our people help create advocacy, appreciation and awareness around various global topics and initiatives.  Celebrating the power of our people – one voice at a time. 

Celebrating our Differences

Sitel is a place where your voice and opinions are respected, and where you can be yourself. As a family of 90,000 people around the world, our diversity is our strength. We treat each other with respect and celebrate what makes us unique. 

Our people represent a wide variety of cultures, ethnicities and religions – and each and every one of us plays a role in driving diversity and inclusion in the workplace. As a global organization – located in 28 countries and supporting customers in over 49 languages – we work together as one team across borders, teams and time zones. And, our differences make us smarter, enabling us to better serve our clients’ customers. We believe the best solutions are generated through collaboration between people who think differently and welcome a variety of ideas and viewpoints. We hire employees with diverse backgrounds and perspectives that can reflect the diversity of our markets and clients, fueling innovation and insight across our business. 

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