Purpose drives change and creates action. With a strong vision and common goals, we can reach new peaks. We believe we can make a lasting impact in the diverse communities we work in to build better experiences tomorrow.

Sitel Group® is proud to be a people business, enabling meaningful brand experiences via emotional engagement and human conversation. And our greatest asset? Our people. In 2022, our corporate social responsibility (CSR) goal is inspired by our global community and designed to make a difference in the communities in which we live and work through education, wellbeing and environmental impact.

CSR Promise

As a global organization, we employ 160,000 associates in 40 countries and operate to the highest ethical standards respecting human rights, the environment, diversity and inclusion, health, safety & wellness and training & development. Our associates unite each day and work together to make an impact for a better tomorrow.

We are a community partner that values and appreciates our associates and customers.

Boosting employee engagement and job satisfaction while supporting social good leveraging our Sitel® MAX community, CSR is part of the associate experience.

With our focus on education and empowerment, our associates develop new skills and use those skills to help others both personally and professionally.

Our associates feel connected to our company and their role.

Committed to Change

As a participant in the United Nations Global Compact initiative, we are committed to supporting and advancing in the areas within our sphere of influence. The Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative launched in 2000 by the United Nations as an attempt to align companies’ strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

Health & Wellbeing

Our aim is to encourage our people to make healthier choices for a healthier body and happier mind by making #OneSmallChange. We encourage our people to have a lasting impact on their own wellbeing through simple, achievable change. Our global wellness program gives associates opportunities to live the Sitel Group value Work Together by engaging in exercise challenges and by attending events such as mental health and nutrition webinars and cooking classes. Through the program, we also provide our people with valuable educational resources which encourage them to take one small step at a time toward a healthier lifestyle.


Powered by the Sitel® MAX Community, SitelFit is an important part of the associate experience. SitelFit is more than exercise.

Move Well

  • To encourage movement and fitness, we organize initiatives and provide our associates with resources on physical fitness, workout routines and practical advice on how to include more movement into their daily life
  • SitelFit platform activity tracker & challenges are available 24/7/365
  • MAXhubs include wellness areas or exercise rooms (where applicable)

Eat Well

  • Healthy recipes are shared via internal social platforms
  • Healthy vending machine options on sites (where applicable)
  • Tips on how to eat more healthily during the day are shared

Live Well

  • Stress management, mental health education
  • On-site health checks (where applicable)
  • Sleep and stress management, financial wellness and burnout prevention

2021 Results

  • 22,077 members were enrolled in SitelFit with 14,529 new users added in 2021
  • Users covered 47,900,000 km (29,700,00 miles) throughout the year
  • 22,229,450 SitelFit challenges were completed and 69,987,407 points earned
  • 4,090 virtual race participants with 997 finishers completing a 5K, 10K or 15K marathon with a total of 73,049 points

Diversity and Inclusion

We’re passionate about becoming the world’s most inclusive BPO provider. We prioritize inclusion and diversity amongst our associates to ensure we provide the best quality experiences and innovative services for our customers.

Sitel Group is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace. MyID, or My Inclusion & Diversity, is a community where we learn from one another’s experiences, enabling us to deliver unique experiences for our customers. Everyone has a voice and a story to tell. Learn more.

Empowering Associates to Give Back

Throughout the year, associates have opportunities to collaborate to achieve collective goals that reward the communities in which we operate. In 2021, our associates collaborated to gain SitelFit points that resulted in a $15,000 donation to World Learning. In addition, Sitel Group gave $50,000 to World Literacy Foundation, Plan International and Childhood Education International.


The United Nations recognizes education as a human right and we encourage inclusive and equal development at Sitel Group as we promote lifelong learning. We empower and inspire our diverse global team as they Learn, Lead & Grow.

We have a deep focus on education to provide opportunities for our people as well as those in the communities in which we live and work. We aim to provide educational and training opportunities to prepare others for the future of work and enable career readiness.

  • Impact Sourcing: We prioritize suppliers that intentionally hire and provide career development opportunities to people who might otherwise have limited opportunity for formal employment.
    • Language Improvement Programs: Through our language proficiency programs in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua and the Philippines, we have trained 45,060 individuals since 2011 and have an average hiring rate of 64%.
    • Scholarship Programs: We help with education through scholarships (2021: 480+) to dependents of our employees and tuition reimbursements in various locales for our full-time associates.
    • Learning Academies: As a good corporate citizen and neighbor, we recognize the social responsibility with investing in programs and activities that develop and uplift the communities around the world in which our people live and work, such as access to e-learning platforms, charitable donations and technical engineering training. Last year, we have more than 2,000 learners enrolled in our technical academy.
  • Empower Center: Our internal learning management system is open to every level of the organization. In 2021, we saw a 47% increase in users accessing the tool for talent development.


Striving to improve business outcomes while doing our part for a greener world, Sitel Group is committed to creating a culture of environmental stewardship. From raising awareness to promoting conservation and recycling initiatives, we take our responsibility seriously.

  • Reforestation: Volunteers join reforestation events every year to protect forests near our operations. In 2021, to celebrate World Soil Day 2021 (December 5), Sitel Group® partnered with our technology customer to focus attention on the importance of soil biodiversity and advocate for the sustainable management of soil resources. As a result, we raised over $5,300 together with this client, which will allow us to plant 5,300 trees through the work of One Tree Planted, a 501c(3) environmental non-profit with a mission to help global reforestation efforts.  
  • Carbon Neutrality: Our Costa Rica operations have been carbon neutral since 2014. The Carbon Neutral Country Program is a Costa Rican government initiative led by the Climate Change Department of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy to formalize the procedures related to the reporting of inventories of greenhouse gases, through the application of the voluntary national regulation. We have reduced 1,069 tons of CO2e since 2014.  We have purchased 6,851 carbon offset credits for a total of $34,523 to the National Fund for Forest Financing of Costa Rica. Costa Rica has been awarded the Ecological Blue Flag Award in the Climate Change category by the Foundation for Environmental Education every year since 2012.
  • Sustainable Mobility Program: In 2021, our Barranquilla, Colombia location launched a new program seeking to provide multiple mobility alternatives to the entire center population, improving their commute to and from work and guaranteeing a safe, healthy and sustainable mobility experience for all. The results include 373 users, 8.573,54 kg CO2 reduced (equivalent to 296 trees), 50 new bicycles, 40 new bicycle parking spaces and the addition of two new showers for employee hygiene.

Ethics & Policies

Operating within clear guidelines for ethical and respectful conduct is of the utmost importance to Sitel Group, our customers and our people. Through continuous education, open communication and adherence to our Code of Conduct, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner and employer of choice.

With these guidelines at the forefront of our operations and purpose, we encourage individual growth both personally and professionally and strive to provide full equality for all employees through management practices and operational procedures.





The Sitel Group Data Privacy Website Policy is strictly enforced to protect the information of our employees, shareholders and customers. Adhering to the policy requires transparency around the collection, sharing and usage of personal information, cookies and social media data. Our policy also reinforces our commitment to resolve any issues concerning online data privacy.


Our global work is exemplified through our commitment to economic prosperity and social growth. In ongoing efforts to capture and disclose our impact, we have worked to create a series of impact reports, meet global reporting standards and have even won awards for our initiatives.

Sitel Group 2021 CSR Report

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

Global Reporting Standards & Certifications

At our core, Sitel Group is invested in creating equal prosperity for our 160,000+ employees, their families and the communities in which we live and work. We work tirelessly to ensure global human rights and cultivate an atmosphere of diversity and inclusion.

  • CDP Scores: C
  • EcoVadis: Sitel Group (Bronze) Sitel France (Gold), U.S. (Silver)
  • ISO 14001:2015 Certified (Galashiels, U.K. and Costa Rica)
  • ISO 14064-1:2018 (Costa Rica)
  • ISO 5001:2018 Certified (Costa Rica and El Salvador)
  • ISO 27001:2013 Certified
  • INTE G35:2012 (Costa Rica)
  • U.K. Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Phase 1 (2018)
  • U.K. Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Phase 2 (2019)
  • TIA Assessor: Silver
  • SEDEX Member