Sitel Group’s use of the WORKPLACE BY FACEBOOK (“Workplace”) tool is intended to create an effective alternate channel to provide timely NON-CONFIDENTIAL Sitel Group specific communications to our associates either through posting or voice calls hosted through the tool. Communications may be related, by way of example but not restrictively, to Business Continuity Planning Communication, Leadership Videos, GLOBE Blog posts, Events, Sitel Group General Communications, Recognition, Job Openings, Employee discounts, and generally speaking, any communication, event or news related to Sitel Group. Use of the tool is voluntary and associates can choose to use the tool or not. Generally Sitel Group will continue to communicate information via other channels such as email. Sitel Group may choose to use Workplace as the exclusive tool for communication for certain events and will so notify associates when that is the case.

Terms & Conditions

By signing in to use Workplace you agree to the terms and conditions and privacy rules of the Workplace tool as documented on the Workplace site at:, as well as the Workplace Acceptable Use Policy:

In addition, you agree to the following terms of use:

  • Information sharing – The Workplace tool is available to provide more and timely information to Sitel Group associates. However this is not the only and exclusive platform for sharing information and as such Sitel Group may have alternate means of communication. You are required to keep yourself updated with all available channels of information at all times.
  • Non-production floor access – Workplace cannot be accessed from any computer, phone or electronic device on a production floor area. All policies regarding the presence/use of mobile phones or other electronic devices remain in effect. Specifically: all computers, phones or other electronic devices are not carried inside a production floor and must be surrendered at the baggage counter or kept inside their lockers or any other designated place.
  • Follow Sitel Group Policies – All activity on Workplace is governed by existing Sitel Group policies, including but not limited to the Global Code of Conduct and Ethics, Non-Discrimination Policies, Confidentiality policies, Electronic Communication policies, Security policies and client contract requirements as well as local policies. The internal and informal nature of the Workplace community does not lessen the need to follow established policies.
  • Business Use Only – is provided and may be used only for Sitel Group’s communication of non-confidential informational items to its associates. All content is the property of Sitel Group and Sitel Group reserves the right to edit or remove all content.
  • Keep it Confidential – Protect the privacy of Sitel Group, our associates and our clients. Please review applicable Sitel Group policies governing confidentiality to ensure that you know the type of information that is deemed confidential. Applicable policies include, but is not limited, to the Global Code of Conduct. Before posting to a group, consider the group’s permissions and members. The following are guidelines and not meant to include every instance of confidentiality:
    • Never disclose Sitel Group, client, customer or associate data that is not available to the public or is otherwise deemed confidential by policy, contract or law.
    • Never discuss or disclose Sitel Group or client confidential or proprietary information or personal information.
    • Regarding client-related information: be aware of what is confidential – every client is different.
  • Do not attach confidential documents to your post and do not cut/paste confidential information out of Workplace for use in any other location.
  • If you have any question about the confidentiality – DO NOT POST.
  • Keep it Professional – Sitel Group’s values demand our workplace communication – whether by electronic means or in person – be respectful, accurate and professional. Do not antagonize, use improper language or embarrass someone.
  • Add Value – Workplace has a distinct use – adding value and enriching dialogue within the business. Do not post simply to post.
  • Balance – Workplace is a tool that can enhance your associate experience but should not become a distraction.
  • Don’t Handle/Discuss HR Matters – Workplace is not the proper forum for any discussion of personnel matters.  Please contact your manager or Human Resources directly with any concerns.
  • Know your audience – Workplace may be available at all levels in the organization so consider the content and context of your post or comment. Use “closed” groups if applicable.
  • Groups: Groups should be set up as either “open” or “closed” depending on the subject matter of the group and the confidentiality of the content.
    • Understand the groups to which you belong and the groups to which you are posting.
    • When opening a group, think through whether it needs to be open or closed.
    • See Workplace at Sitel Group document for more details.
  • Keep it Virus Free – When uploading attachments or videos, ensure content has been checked for viruses and is safe for the platform.
  • Report Abuse – Each user is responsible for monitoring content. If you see posts you believe are improper or violate Sitel Group’s policies or client confidentiality, report immediately to Facebook Workplace Moderators ( or your HR manager.
  • Access – Your access to the tool is within Sitel Group’s discretion and can be disabled or removed for abuse. In addition, your access will be automatically terminated upon separation from the Company.
  • Don’t Use Like Regular Facebook – Workplace is a tool for working with your teams and engaging with your colleagues. Maintain your office’s work etiquette and common sense while using the platform.
  • Download the Mobile App – Workplace is available as a mobile app for iOS and Android. Workplace is to be used for business purposes and employee engagement. Sitel Group associates who access and use the platform outside of scheduled business hours do so on their own time and are not eligible for compensation. See your local Timekeeping Policy, where applicable, for details.

Should you have any questions regarding the use of Workplace, please get in contact before posting any content with the Marketing team member attached to your location.

I understand and consent that by using Workplace certain personal information may be transferred abroad to international affiliates of Sitel Group Operating Corporation for monitoring, review, processing and storage during the time in which the tool is available to you. Sitel Group will take appropriate measures to protect the data from unauthorized access or disclosure to the extent the data is housed within its systems.  If you have questions concerning the source of data, purpose and method of processing or individuals who have contact with the data or wish to exercise your data protections rights under applicable law, contact Global Director of Compliance ( can lodge a complaint before the applicable data protection regulator.