We know that keeping up with collections will be a priority for many brands, especially now more than ever. How can the latest technology be leveraged to create a “Customer First Approach” to collections?

Companies must be sensitive to consumer needs and circumstances. So how can you continue to collect past due payments while also decreasing roll rates and reducing losses, and remaining empathic to your customers?

With all of the technologies available, what tools are best suited to driving a meaningful impact on your bottom line, without losing sight of delivering positive customer experiences?

Join our free to attend webinar to hear real customer experiences and discover how end-to-end collections, founded on actionable analytics and customer-focused processes, enable brands to spend less time focusing on collections and more time focusing on business growth.

You will learn:

  • How to leverage speech analytics for better compliance and effectiveness
  • Ways to achieve higher collection rates through different treatment paths and customer classification
  • How LendingUSA, a leading one-stop solution for consumer financing needs, leverages Sitel Group’s expertise to deliver best practices
  • New and up-and-coming technologies that will pave the way for Smart Collections

Join us to learn how to deliver best-in-class collections and hear how successful organizations manage their collections strategies.


Joshua Rogowsky

VP & General Manager, Sitel Group

Faran Taher

VP of Client Servicing, LendingUSA

Camille Thompson

Moderator – Global Marketing, Sitel Group

Stay Ahead of the Game with Smart Collections
Tuesday, 23 June at 12 Noon EDT
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