How to Enhance Your Voice of the Customer-programs? – CX Minute Episode 12

In this episode, Kathleen Banashak, Global Client Services at Sitel Group, discusses Voice of the Agent and how it can enhance and supplement Voice of the Customer.



In my experience, the companies we do business with tend to be already clearly aware of the importance of Voice of the Customer. They’re collecting surveys, and they’re bringing in data. Many are also aware of Voice of the Agent, although not quite as many as are clear on Voice of the Customer. Voice of the Agent is an important additive. Think about it! Ask your agents: What calls do you dread? They’re likely to dread a call because they don’t have the tools, the process, or the training to deliver the best service – the service that they want to be able to give to the customer. You’ve got customer feedback coming from your surveys that your refund process is a problem. What if you heard from your agents that those same customers who are having difficulties, what they actually want is the product? If you focused on sourcing and solutions for the product at the right time for the customer, that’s additive to revenue, enhances the customer experience, and it makes sure agents feel better about the insights they can add to the Voice in the Customer.