Why Do People Visit Self-Care Communities? – CX Minute Episode 11

Jean Baptiste Ranvier, Digital Strategist at The Social Client, talks about the role of self-care communities in creating a better customer experience.



When it comes to self-care communities, people always have the same question: How can members spend so much time helping folks they don’t know? Why do the work agents could or should do? Simply because they care; they care about the brand, about the product, and about the people. They have their own experience, and now they want to share it. I know this kind of connection or even chemistry is hard to envision, but it does exist. Whether you have a community or not, people already talk about your brand online – they leave reviews on websites, react on social media, and seek advice on message boards. To put things into perspective, you have to know that 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations more than any form of advertisement. It shapes your brand reputation. A self-care community is here to connect the dots: To create a customer experience that engages ambassadors, customers, prospects, employees, and even haters – all in one place. This relationship based on trust is why people spend so much time helping other community members online. It’s all about giving back, and we help brands do that. So, please join the conversation!