Will Robots Replace Humans? – CX Minute Episode 4

Arnaud de Lacoste, Chief Marketing & Innovations Officer at Sitel Group, talks about the concept of Artificial Intelligence and whether robots will replace humans.



When we talk about Artificial Intelligence, the first question we have to ask ourselves is “What is AI?” Right now in the marketplace, Artificial Intelligence is kind of a buzzword, which makes most people think of Terminator, and the fantasy stuff they have seen in Hollywood movies. The concept of AI is a machine, built to help humans in their day-to-day lives and work. So, the next question we should ask is “Can AI replace a human, and is this the end of the human being?” I think AI can only do part of the job of the agent – it cannot replace everything. If you think about the customers, what they really want when they contact a brand is an efficient solution. However, they expect the solution to be delivered in a human-centric manner; they want to be treated with understanding and empathy. Right now, only a human can do that. So, I truly believe that we are in the age of collaboration between humans and machines, rather than competition.